Asscher cut

The Beauty of Asscher Cut

A versatile diamond that boost a royal heritage and decadent prestige, the Asscher Cut is one of the most beautiful and glamorous diamonds in the world. First created by Joseph Asscher of the Netherlands in 1902, he was famously commissioned by King Edward VII to cut the world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan diamond weighing at […] → Continue Reading The Beauty of Asscher Cut

halo engagament ring

Choosing Halo Engagement Rings

Glamorous, timeless and sophisticated, halo engagement rings are one of the world’s most popular style of engagement rings since the 1920s. Although the style has consistently evolved over the decades, its emotional, decadent and sentimental value has remained the same. To have a better understanding of the term ‘halo’, it refers to small diamonds framing […] → Continue Reading Choosing Halo Engagement Rings

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Pinning = Perfect Proposal

In my industry Engagements are my favourite thing. I get to work with people at one of the happiest times in their life. There is nervousness, excitement and anticipation. One big thing I have noticed is the trends of the engagement ring have changed over the last 14 years while I have been in the […] → Continue Reading Pinning = Perfect Proposal