Thank You

To all my gorgeous customers, friends, staff and family, The last six years have been an amazing journey. I have had so much support, loyalty and love come through the doors at my quaint little Mt Lawley Store. In the beginning when it was just myself, you (my customers) made a little community, a family […] → Continue Reading Thank You


Engraving Ideas for Wedding Bands

Getting married is a special occasion, involving families and friends to celebrate the joyful union. Sometimes there are things you just want to keep between yourself and your other half, something more private, sentimental and just between the two of you. Engraving your wedding bands with deep meaning is heartfelt, precious and seals your commitment […] → Continue Reading Engraving Ideas for Wedding Bands


Jewellery of the Week: Blue Wren

Inspired by animals and nature, this superb blue wren is commonly found in Southeastern Australia and Marcus Synnot depicted this magnificant bird in mid flight. Marcus specialises in torch fired Plique-a-jour, a vitreous enamelling technique that highlights the the colour and detailing of his work. The pendant is silver and also features 18ct yellow gold. […] → Continue Reading Jewellery of the Week: Blue Wren


From De Beers to Harry Winston… Jewellery We Love

De Beers To source inspiration and innovation sometimes it is necessary to go back to the very basic, it is quite surprising that very few thought about creating a ring with the same colour identity all over. This gorgeous De Beers 18ct yellow gold and cushion cut yellow diamond takes this challenge and ultimately becomes […] → Continue Reading From De Beers to Harry Winston… Jewellery We Love


Jewellery of the Week: ‘Smile’ Ring

Our favourite jewellery this week is this elegant and sophisticated Smile ring handmade in sterling silver by Natalia De Burgh. The ring is inspired by the symbolic crescent moon featuring a single 0.01ct black diamond just off center, depicting a crater found on the moon’s surface when collided with an asteroid or a comet. Finished […] → Continue Reading Jewellery of the Week: ‘Smile’ Ring


Designer Profile: Tamara Dixon

A recognisable influence on the international jewellery industry, Perth based Jewellery Designer Tamara Dixon focuses on the ancient technique of chain making with a signature twist to all her designs. She shies away from the luxury and status that traditional jewellery are perceived to symbolise, to explore the simplicity of repetitive forms and complex designs. […] → Continue Reading Designer Profile: Tamara Dixon


Fashion Must Haves: White Out

  We are embracing the minimalist and monochrome look this summer. White has become a popular catwalk trend for several seasons and it is not fading away anytime soon. It is a neutral colour palette that gives an essence of angelic and calming appearance, it is certainly pleasing to the eye and will attract a […] → Continue Reading Fashion Must Haves: White Out

may birthstone 13

May Birthstone: Emerald

Famously coveted by the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones in the world, especially if they’re perfect. Since ancient times, it is thought to grant the wearer’s prosperity, good health, patience and happiness. Fact: Emeralds can also appear red and are considered to be extremely rare and expensive. Emerald is […] → Continue Reading May Birthstone: Emerald


Jewellers Lounge: Interview with Oyster and Pearl

                                                ┬áLover of all things beautiful, Perth based Su James of Oyster and Pearl blog insightfully chronicles her life with envy inducing imagery and tongue in cheek posts, emphasising that life is […] → Continue Reading Jewellers Lounge: Interview with Oyster and Pearl

Amanda Hasenkam

Jewellery of the Week: Milky Way

A playful depiction of a milky way, Jewellery Designer Amanda Hasenkam created an eye catching and wearable necklace using a rather unusual yet unique combination of gold bimetal, sterling silver and shibuichi (a traditional Japanese copper/silver alloy). The pebble is set in the centre and found in Lake St Clair, a lake in the Central […] → Continue Reading Jewellery of the Week: Milky Way

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