Design or Remodel

Jewellery Design

Designing a new piece of jewellery is always an exciting time. You may have an idea or an image of what you would like or maybe you have a concept or even just the timing is right. In any situation we can help you design that perfect peice of jewellery.

 A great place to start is look at all your old jewellery and decide what you like about the pieces you wear and what you want your new piece to say. If you do have some old jewellery sitting in a jewellery box somewhere that you never look at or wear we can always put this towards your new design. If you would like to start fresh this is not a problem we can show you loose diamonds, gemstones and pearls. You can have your say at every stage of the design process.

  All you need is a starting point or a flicker of an idea. Then simply call or email to make an appointment with one of our friendly Jewellery Designers and we can help with the rest.