Jewellery Repairs and Restoration

Jewellery is a treasured and amired belonging. Some people choose to wear it everyday and some save for a special occasion. No matter how much or little you wear your jewellery it will still need care and maintainance to reatian its original beauty. To ensure your pieces is alway in wearing condition it is important to have it regulay checked by your local jeweller.

At Tayha Design we offer a full range of professional jewellery repair, refurbishing and refinishing services. WE reccomend you have your most valued peice restored to their true beauty once a year, especially if it’s a vintage piece. With a simple clean and polish your jeweller is able to  check for any wear and tear that may have accured and possibly prevent you from loosing that presious item.

Some of our repair services include ring sizing, mounting stone replacements, re-tipping claws, cleaning and polishing, necklace and bracelet repair, and clasp replacement.  Please contact us with any questions.