Restring Pearls


A strand of Pearls are considered a family heirloom. They are treasured and passed down through the generations.

Pearls love to be worn and really show their true lustre when on the skin. They are comfortable and calming to wear though they do required care and consideration. Pearls should always be the last item you put on when you go out as they don’t respond well moisturises and chemicals and should never be sprayed with perfume. They should also be the first thing you take off when you return home. It is best to wipe them over with a damp cloth and then place them in a soft dry box  to be kept safe.Pearls

A strand of pearls is normally strung on silk thread with small knots in-between each pearl. Silk is a strong reliable material though it will discolour and over time wear thin or loosen. No matter how careful you are at some time in their life a strand of pearls will need to be restrung and if you love to wear your pearls regularly you will more than likely need to have your pearls rethreaded several time.

We rethread Pearl Stands on site so they are not sent away. We clean each pearl, check your clasp, rethread and knot each strand then return it to you in the best condition ready to be worn again. We work with length starting from a bracelet through to a an Oprah Strand. Price will vary depending on the length of your strand.