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Weddings are a special occasion where two people express their love and commitment for each other, then share in celebration with those close to them. The wedding rings are a symbol of this love and commitment.

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We work one on one with each couple that comes to us. We take pride in making sure their wedding band suit them perfectly and has the style and meaning that they will carry with them for their life together.

To get you started on your wedding bands here are a few things to consider. Please don’t feel overwhelmed we will work with you through all of these decisions giving you as much information and advice as you need.

Traditionally in Australia women wear their wedding and engagement rings together on their left hands, with the wedding ring underneath the engagement ring, and therefore closer to the heart.

When wearing two rings together as a bridal set there are a few factures you should consider:

1. Matched sets- There are many way to make your wedding ring match your engagement ring: metal type, patterns, gems, diamonds, ring thickness and widths but the first question you need to ask yourself is would you like your wedding ring to sit “Flush” against your engagement ring? Depending on your engagement ring this can be achieved through either a straight or contoured wedding band. If the centre gem protrudes, or if there are natural curves in the engagement ring, the wedding ring will need to be contoured to accommodate this in order to sit flush. Whether straight or contoured we can custom make your wedding ring to be perfectly paired with your engagement ring, to have the same details, embellishments, and/or gemstone accents, all of which end at the same point on both rings.

2. Complimentary wedding ring-If you want your wedding and engagement rings to fit nicely together but do not feel that they must match perfectly, consider a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring. Through design you can allow your engagement and wedding rings play off of one another and really create a unique style reflecting your personality.BvChadEmily-0914

3. Metal type- we do recommend if you are wearing a wedding set to choose the same metal for your wedding ring as your engagement ring. This does not mean you have to be restricted to a metal colour, as contrast can really be a beautiful design feature, though if your engagement ring 18ct white gold we would recommend using 18ct (white, yellow or rose) for your wedding band. The reason for this is different metals have varying properties such as hardness, density and durability, therefore, when differing metals are worn next to each other one metal will wear away at the other at a faster rate. Wearing two rings together and indeed simply wearing rings every day, you will notice wear and tear over time. As a part of our ongoing service to you we provide a once yearly complimentary clean, polish and check on all of our jewellery pieces so we can keep your rings looking beautiful and advise when work is required.

4. Gemstones or diamonds- Do you want to enhance your wedding ring with a little more than just style and patterns? Do you want a little bit of sparkle? If you decide to include gemstones in your wedding ring, keep in mind the size, shape and setting of the gemstones relative to those in the engagement ring. You may like to add gem stones of particular meaning to your wedding bands, for example, you may choose their partners or your own birth stones to add a little colour and meaning. You may like to have a particular number of gemstones or diamonds, it may be the number of children or family member or it may simply be that you like even or old numbers. With gemstones and diamonds the options are limitless so let your ideas run wild.

5. Stand-alone wedding ring-You may want to select a wedding ring that provides you with flexibility in wearing it separately. Depending on your lifestyle, and life stage it is nice to be able to wear your wedding ring by itself. Also you may choose to wear their wedding and engagement rings on separate hands, so that they don’t compete with each other and they can be showcased independently. Your wedding ring is your choice so let us help you create a ring that you will cherish for year to come.

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For the Gents:

These days, men have many choices when it comes to wedding rings. Here are a few things to consider before coming to design your wedding ring.

1. Matching-Would you like your ring to match your partners? As the ladies commonly have their engagement ring that they try to match their wedding ring to it is the guy who has the decision of whether he would like his ring to match his brides. There are a lot of ways this can be achieved, you can have the same style, metal or gemstone. Although a lot of men choose timeless traditional styles we do see a trend of men wanting to add their own flare. Have a think and look around because whether you wear a lot of jewellery or have never worn a single piece until this special day jewellery can be a great way of subtly expressing your personality.

2. Metal-What metals best suit your life style? If you are not choosing to match your partner’s metal type there are many great options for gents wedding bands. Besides style, career and life style can be a major facture in helping you choose the metal you would like for your wedding band. There is a wide variety of precious metals that can be used all with their own distinctive colours and properties like palladium, platinum, gold, titanium to name a few.

3. Style- to create different styles with gents wedding bands texture, grooves, width and gem stones are often used. Black diamonds are a great way of adding a little class and style to a simple wedding band. SO once again it all comes down to you, what do you feel comfortable with? What do you want to wear to symbolise your relationship?

Please don’t feel overwhelmed we will work with you through all of these decisions giving you as much information and advice as you need. To start your wedding ring journey please feel free to send us your ideas or simply book an in store obligation free design appointment. We look forward to helping your with this special task.

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