Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamondsWe are currrently working with a customer to design a Princess cut Diamond engagement ring. Here is a little bit about how the process works. This is the first stages of our design process. You come to us with an idea, you sit with the designer and work through what you would like in terms of style, peronality and practacality, we then hand sketch your idea. AT this stage we also personally select several stones that will both fit your budget and really stand out in your design. We take pride in selecting the right diamonds for you that are beautiful quality, conflict free and afforable. When having a engagement ring made the diamond will take up a large percentage of your cost and it is to be worn forever, as it will last forever, so it is important to get the right diamond. The best advise I could give anyone looking at Diamonds is ALWAYS look at your diamond before you buy it, buying on line and unseen can end terribly.

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