Same Sex Couples: Engagement and Wedding rings

518-_IGP0559hkWe have created wonderful, one of a kind and imaginative engagement and wedding rings for same sex couples over the years. The preference for custom made is at an all time high as couples endeavour to put their own personal touch on their ring designs.

There are various options and ideas for same sex engagement rings and wedding bands. Two ladies could go for the same engagement rings they both would like to wear. Or one would surprise the other with an engagement ring where they would both return to design a second engagement ring.Picture 031

As for guys, an engagement ring can also be a option depending on their personal preferences, it could have a bit of sparkle, unique textures or something a lot more reserved like a plain traditional band. Alternatively, some couples prefer the combination of both engagement and wedding ring that is stunning on its own.

menIt is not entirely necessary for the engagement and weddings rings to be completely identical to each other. There are options to go for rings that differs from one another or alternatively, a slight difference between the two. To make it symbolic and personal, the ring can feature the birthstone of the partner. Changes can be made by colour, metal, size, stones and design. The rings can be personalised, have meaningful symbols or messages. The choices are endless.030-_IGP4657aa

At Tayha Designs, we offer a full one to one consultation for same sex couples who want to create a bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands with a difference. Our experienced designers can help to assist in turning your ideas into reality.




Here are some of the rings we have designed;


Pink diamonds and rose gold

These understated yet stunning engagement rings are created for a wonderful couple who wanted an engagement ring that matches but with a slight difference. We used a combination of white gold, rose gold, pink and white diamonds and created them so the placement is different for each band. A clever way of matching an engagement ring but with a subtle diamond




Sleek, simple and traditional, this handmade 6mm men’s platinum wedding band has a matte finish centre and polished outer edges for a modern touch. The design is then finished off with a square cut black diamond stone in the centre.




If considering a different wedding band, only the slightest alterations can be made. For example, round black diamonds can be used instead with the grooves in the centre with an all over matte finish.



Mokume Ring    Love creating this luxurious and sophisticated multi – coloured Mokume wedding band for our customer. Mokume has a rich cultural history and translate from Japanese as ‘wood grain’. Individual and unique, there are different Mokume designs to go for and a perfect wedding band for couples.






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