Wedding Ring Styles

Like engagement rings, there are many different options you could choose from when deciding on the style of wedding bands. Some prefer a plain and simple band, others prefer diamonds for an extra sparkle. Or alternatively, a bespoke design of your choosing that will stand out and catch people’s attention! One advice is the wedding band should never overshadow your engagement ring, it should only compliment together as one.

Here are the selections of wedding band styles that are very popular;


plainOne of the most popular choice to go for is a plain wedding band. For ladies you could go as thin as 2mm to as thick as 3mm, ensuring that the band itself does not go any wider than the band of your engagement ring for proportional reasons, however this is entirely up to you. There are different shapes available with the most comfortable being the flat oval style, where it’s curved on both sides. This style is more comfortable and easier to remove for cleaning compared to the flatter style, which can be harder to remove, particularly in hot weather. Other styles includes the knife edge, half round, classic and flat top profiles amongst many others. For the surface there are options of polished, matte and hammered finish. Alternatively if you prefer something more interesting and unique the engraver can add mill-grain edges or various lines and patterns on the bands. Bride to be chooses a plain band due to their personal style or preference, or to match the band of their engagement ring.

Channel set

The channel setting is the second most popular style of wedding bands. The diamonds are held by a thin line of metal channeleither side of the wedding band using either round brilliant, princess cut or baguette cut diamonds, usually without space between the diamonds. The thin metal bar running along the outer edges protects the diamonds from damage and looks visually elegant, modern and sophisticated. Princess and baguettes cuts are suitable with this design as they follow the lines of the channel with no gaps in between.  Diamonds are not the only options you could go for, customers prefer to have their favourite gemstones such as blue sapphire, ruby or emeralds for their channel set wedding bands.

Micro-pavé setting

microThe french Pavé (pronounced  “Par-vay”) setting are miniscule diamonds held by tiny round metal beads in close proximity to create a sparkly and glamorous wedding band style. The grains of diamonds are so small it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Micro-pavé is a skill very few diamond setters possess and takes years of training to perfect the setting. To create by hand the setter works on a flat surface and lift the small grains  of metal from the surface to hold each diamond. When choosing micro-pavé extra care of the wedding band must betaken as the style of setting is susceptible to stone loss due to the tiny stones and the metal holding them, which is relatively very fine and vulnerable to accidental knocks. Avoid using ultra sonic cleaner as the vibrations will loosen the diamonds from the setting. To clean this delicate encrusted ring use a soft bristle toothbrush, warm water and washing liquid.

Flush setting

If you want to choose a plain wedding band but want a subtle sparkle, than this flush setting style is the best choice flushfor you. The metal is cut out on the surface which is then set with diamonds. You could set the diamonds around the band in equal distance or sit closer together on the surface. You could use your favourite gemstones instead of diamonds. Diamonds are protected due to the metal surrounding the stone.

Grain set

vintageGrain setting is a more elaborate style of wedding bands. The ring features a fine metal bar along the outer edge of the band but this is not what’s holding the diamonds in the center, four very small metal beads secures the diamonds in its setting. The grain set can make the round diamonds appear square. The ring can be decorated with mill-grain edges for a vintage style.


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