Choosing Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut after round brilliant. Also known as a Square Modified Brilliant, the princess cut is more brilliant and sparkly than other square or square octagonal diamonds. A relatively new diamond, the princess cut was first created in the early 1960s by London diamond cutter Aprad Nagy, then […] → Continue Reading Choosing Princess Cut Diamonds

Wedding Ring Styles

Like engagement rings, there are many different options you could choose from when deciding on the style of wedding bands. Some prefer a plain and simple band, others prefer diamonds for an extra sparkle. Or alternatively, a bespoke design of your choosing that will stand out and catch people’s attention! One advice is the wedding […] → Continue Reading Wedding Ring Styles

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Otherwise known as the “teardrop” or “pendeloque” because of its shape,  the pear shaped diamond is a combination of the round brilliant and the marquise; one side of the stone is rounded, while the other side tapers to a fine point. Although they’re not as popular as the rounds and princess cuts, the pear shape is […] → Continue Reading Pear Shaped Diamonds

Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut is also known as the “Navette Cut” or “Boat Shape”. It first appeared in Paris in the mid 1700s, tracing the cut back to the French monarchy reign. The name was first derived from the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XIV of France who commissioned his court jeweller […] → Continue Reading Marquise Cut

World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

A symbol of prosperous wealth and prestige, the rarest of diamonds were once in the possession of royalties, world leaders and noble dynasties of the past. With valuable diamonds changing hands to the highest bidder at auctions till this day, we are holding our collective breathes for the first billion dollar diamond being sold.  Let’s […] → Continue Reading World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

The Beauty of Asscher Cut

A versatile diamond that boost a royal heritage and decadent prestige, the Asscher Cut is one of the most beautiful and glamorous diamonds in the world. First created by Joseph Asscher of the Netherlands in 1902, he was famously commissioned by King Edward VII to cut the world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan diamond weighing at […] → Continue Reading The Beauty of Asscher Cut

Choosing a diamond.

There is a lot of information to take in when buying a loose diamond and many choices to make. When working with customers and going through all the different aspects of diamonds at the end of the day we ask you to think about what is the most important thing for you. Is it size, […] → Continue Reading Choosing a diamond.