We are lucky enough to have brides who came to us for their rings sharing photos of their beautiful wedding. Nothing make us smile more than playing a small part towards one of their happiest days of their lives. What we’re most excited about is the wedding dress and we have seen so many in different styles that complement the brides in every single way.

Lately we have seen more brides choosing long sleeve wedding dresses, not to keep to tradition but to make a sophisticated statement. It also allows you to play with your own personal style and show off intricate details of the dress. Notable brides opting for a long sleeve wedding dress includes the Duchess of Cambridge, Grace Kelly, Nicole Richie and Kelly Clarkson.

Here, we’ve selected the most beautiful long sleeved wedding dresses that would suit every bride-to-be.

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gold-and-platinumWhen it comes to engagement and wedding rings we regularly have customers asking about the difference between platinum and white gold. Although they look very similar the differences are contrasting. Platinum and white gold have their own properties which make them very unique. Here we have laid out a guide to make the decision between the two metals much easier.




White Goldwedding rings

White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with another metal. Jewellery for white gold consists of 18ct, 14ct, 9ct and 22ct. 18ct white gold is the most common use for engagement and wedding rings, made by mixing 75% gold with the other 25% with silver or palladium. Nickel was originally used as an alloy for white gold however it caused allergic reactions to some people therefore it is no longer used. Rhodium is a coating to make the metal appear more white as the natural colour of white gold is off white. The Rhodium is white and very hard, however it does wear eventually and slowly fades to off white or yellow Contemporary-white-gold-wedding-ring-sets-150x150which requires the re-coating of Rhodium every 12-18 months or so and it is not expensive to do so at Tayha Designs. Although white gold is durable and very suitable as an engagement and wedding ring metal it can gradually wear overtime with the band getting thinner due to constant wear and tear, losing metal mass. However constant maintenance is key and requires the ring to be brought to a Jeweller for repairs and build up the strength of the ring again. This normally occurs anywhere from 12 months to 5 or even 10 years.

White gold is highly reflective therefore it shines much brighter when new. However it does not last very long due to wear and tear of the Rhodium coating, therefore it is necessary to re-plate the Rhodium to maintain its shine.  White gold is a common metal and there are an abundance of the metal compared to the rarity of Platinum.

Platinumplatinum logo

Platinum is 95% pure, with the other 5% being another alloy such as Iridium, Cobalt or Ruthenium to increase its hardness. Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world compared to gold, for example to picture the rarity of it, gold will fill an Olympic size pool whereas Platinum will just about cover the surface of the bottom of the pool. It is said that Platinum is 35 times rarer than gold. Platinum is long lasting and durable and does not require Rhodium plating like white gold as Platinum is naturally white and does not fade to yellow. Due to Platinum’s density it will feel much heavier than white gold, however most people said the weight feels reassuring on their finger and reduce their worries of wearing a ring everyday for different activities. The density also adds to the price, sometimes doubling the price of 18ct white gold of the same width, size and profile.

Princess-cut-wedding-ring-150x150Despite Platinum being a much stronger and durable metal it can scratch easily, however no metal is lost when that occurs. For example, when you dig a sand pit you can always push the sand back in again. The Platinum merely shifted from one place to another (otherwise known as Patina finish, appearing antique and worn). Once polished the platinum will once again look new again.

Another benefit of having Platinum is it is hypoallergenic (free of allergens) but since white gold no longer used nickel as one of the alloys there are no concerns of the metal causing any adverse effects.


Like white gold, Platinum has a brilliant shine when new, but it does not last very long. Platinum will gradually appear slightly dull and grey overtime and requires high polish.


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Like engagement rings, there are many different options you could choose from when deciding on the style of wedding bands. Some prefer a plain and simple band, others prefer diamonds for an extra sparkle. Or alternatively, a bespoke design of your choosing that will stand out and catch people’s attention! One advice is the wedding band should never overshadow your engagement ring, it should only compliment together as one.

Here are the selections of wedding band styles that are very popular;


plainOne of the most popular choice to go for is a plain wedding band. For ladies you could go as thin as 2mm to as thick as 3mm, ensuring that the band itself does not go any wider than the band of your engagement ring for proportional reasons, however this is entirely up to you. There are different shapes available with the most comfortable being the flat oval style, where it’s curved on both sides. This style is more comfortable and easier to remove for cleaning compared to the flatter style, which can be harder to remove, particularly in hot weather. Other styles includes the knife edge, half round, classic and flat top profiles amongst many others. For the surface there are options of polished, matte and hammered finish. Alternatively if you prefer something more interesting and unique the engraver can add mill-grain edges or various lines and patterns on the bands. Bride to be chooses a plain band due to their personal style or preference, or to match the band of their engagement ring.

Channel set

The channel setting is the second most popular style of wedding bands. The diamonds are held by a thin line of metal channeleither side of the wedding band using either round brilliant, princess cut or baguette cut diamonds, usually without space between the diamonds. The thin metal bar running along the outer edges protects the diamonds from damage and looks visually elegant, modern and sophisticated. Princess and baguettes cuts are suitable with this design as they follow the lines of the channel with no gaps in between.  Diamonds are not the only options you could go for, customers prefer to have their favourite gemstones such as blue sapphire, ruby or emeralds for their channel set wedding bands.

Micro-pavé setting

microThe french Pavé (pronounced  “Par-vay”) setting are miniscule diamonds held by tiny round metal beads in close proximity to create a sparkly and glamorous wedding band style. The grains of diamonds are so small it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Micro-pavé is a skill very few diamond setters possess and takes years of training to perfect the setting. To create by hand the setter works on a flat surface and lift the small grains  of metal from the surface to hold each diamond. When choosing micro-pavé extra care of the wedding band must betaken as the style of setting is susceptible to stone loss due to the tiny stones and the metal holding them, which is relatively very fine and vulnerable to accidental knocks. Avoid using ultra sonic cleaner as the vibrations will loosen the diamonds from the setting. To clean this delicate encrusted ring use a soft bristle toothbrush, warm water and washing liquid.

Flush setting

If you want to choose a plain wedding band but want a subtle sparkle, than this flush setting style is the best choice flushfor you. The metal is cut out on the surface which is then set with diamonds. You could set the diamonds around the band in equal distance or sit closer together on the surface. You could use your favourite gemstones instead of diamonds. Diamonds are protected due to the metal surrounding the stone.

Grain set

vintageGrain setting is a more elaborate style of wedding bands. The ring features a fine metal bar along the outer edge of the band but this is not what’s holding the diamonds in the center, four very small metal beads secures the diamonds in its setting. The grain set can make the round diamonds appear square. The ring can be decorated with mill-grain edges for a vintage style.


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Getting married is a special occasion, involving families and friends to celebrate the joyful union. Sometimes there are things you just want to keep between yourself and your other half, something more private, sentimental and just between the two of you. Engraving your wedding bands with deep meaning is heartfelt, precious and seals your commitment for one another.

Here are some ideas of what you could engrave on your wedding band;

Initials, names and dates

engraving ideas One of the simplest choices for engraving ideas is combining both your initials with the date of the wedding after it. How you style the initials is completely down to you, it could be short and sweet or your full names and date running along the inside of the wedding band. If your wedding band is an eternity ring then you might want to keep it shorter plus bare in mind of the hallmarking inside the ring that may restrict the space available. You don’t have to engrave the date of the wedding but it is the most obvious choice, you could also engrave the date you first met, anniversary or a special date for you both. Finally, you can have each others name in the wedding bands.

Love Quotes1bef4f2b9e12676e48081c3987a169bc

Sayings and quotes could be ones that expresses how you feel about each other, it could be as simple as a quote in the vows such as “I Do” or famous love quotes throughout history. You could also engrave loveable nicknames you have for each other.

Foreign quotes

If you want a message more obscure then Latin is a popular option, such as “Te Amo” translated as  “I Love You”, but the sentiment in any other language sounds beautiful. Or it could be a love quote in your second language that has a special meaning to both of you.

Religious verse8cba46ddfba6fe9c50c8703edffd4c17

If you and your partner are spiritual then an engraving with a saying that is related to your beliefs will hold more significance than most i.e. “Love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4), “Faith, Hope and Love” (Corinthians  13:13) and “My lover is mine, and I am his” (Song of Solomon 2:16).

Connected sayings

If the quote is too long or a saying has two parts, then placing half the line on one wedding band and the rest on another will make it very special, symbolising how connected you are with each other i.e. “Keep love (his band)… in your heart”(her band) – Oscar Wilde, “Where there is love… there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Fingerprint engravingfingerprints

To have an engraving that is truly unique and something that no one else will ever have that is similar is a fingerprint. You could have each others fingerprints on the outside or inside of the wedding bands, or both. A fingerprint is your identity and by having the pattern engraved on the wedding bands symbolises the union as one.

funnyFunny quotes

Go for something different by being humorous! Although marriage is a serious matter it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

There are so many more ideas for engraving! Some include having pictures or symbols of your favourite things, such as your own unique handwriting engraved with a loving message or lyrics from your favourite songs.


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Lace has never really gone out of trend since its first introduction in late 1400s to early 1500s. If it’s not a re-invention of the style then it is always safe to go back to the old traditional way and still be on trend. We love the bright and bold colours being embraced by designers and high streets in the last few seasons, however, back lace dress is a fail safe option and will always be an essential wardrobe staple. Lace doesn’t have to be demure or too girly, it can actually be quite reserved, elegant and fun  It is suitable for everyone and for every style.

Our current must haves;

Lover – Sophisticated warrior french lace mini dress that has a fitted bodice and fluted skirt.

Forever New – Elegant and structured Cara small bag with black lace overlay.

Jimmy Choo – Mignight lace blue Amika leather-trimmed lace pumps.

Tayha Designs – Emerald cut halo engagement ring surrounded by round brilliant diamonds and blue sapphires.

Beige fascinator with lace detailing and bow

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bs small

We are delighted to have the amazing duo The Boyfriend Shirt on board for this Jewellers Lounge interview. A winner of Western Australian Fashion Awards for 2015’s Best Fashion Blogger, its founder Louisa and Holly have been making waves in the Western Australian blogging scene since it was launched in 2013. Exploring local fashion, culture, food and artists, The Boyfriend shirt is definitely a go-to place for discovering something more independent, fresh and unique. Here we have a quick Q&A with Louisa and Holly about their favourite things. And more.


How would you define your personal style?

Holly: A relaxed eclectic feel Louisa: Comfortable with clean lines.

 What are your favourite Australian fashion brands?

Big Dion Lee fan and for some hometown love Dyspnea and Aimee Cherie. L: Live in my aimee Cherie but also love Bruug and can’t go past Nat Rolt for a special gown

Where is your favourite place to go shopping? 

H: Online or if I’m looking for something immediately Claremont and Fremantle. L: Love the boutiques around Northbridge and Mount Lawley. A girls day at Chanel on King is always fun too.

Who is the influential figure in your life?

 H: Honestly my boyfriend, he supports me in pursuing my dreams but knows how to ground me when I get to carried away. L: I have too many to name! I am so lucky to be surrounded by inspirational and creative people!

Are there any hidden gems in Perth you’ve discovered recently?

H: A trip to the farmers markets in the valley is well worth it, fresh produce and friendly faces. L: I’m loving the recently opened Dominion League for a Aperol Spritz while indulging in some people watching.


Where is your favourite holiday destination so far?

H: Edinburgh and Munich. L: Forever Paris or if I am after a little slice of paradise close to home head down to Bunker bay.

Where do you wish to visit one day?

H: New York L: Morocco

How would you describe your jewellery style?

H: I look for details in the craftsman ship and aren’t afraid to mix metals L: Simple, fine pieces that I can layer up.

What is your favourite piece/or a piece that stood out from Tayha Designs.

H: Black open wattle ring


L: Ruby smile


Where are your favourite places in Perth for:

Coffee: H: Into the Woods, bassendean L: Mary St Bakery

Dinner: H: My lounge room floor with slow cooked pork belly, but if I’m out La Cholita L: PICA for the steak sandwich and a glass of red

Breakfast/lunch: H: Little Bird in Northbridge L: Little Bird hands down! Or Bib and Tucker if I am South of the river

Bars: H: La Fayette L: Varnish

What’s the best thing about living in Perth?

H: We’ve got such a wide and diverse range all in the one city

L: There is always something exciting going on

 5 words to describe yourself.

H: Tea drinker and book reader

L: Wine drinking crazy dog lady

Visit http://the-boyfriend-shirt.com/

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de-beers-aura-cushion-yellow-diamond-and-yellow-gold.-price-fromDe Beers

To source inspiration and innovation sometimes it is necessary to go back to the very basic, it is quite surprising that very few thought about creating a ring with the same colour identity all over. This gorgeous De Beers 18ct yellow gold and cushion cut yellow diamond takes this challenge and ultimately becomes one of the most visually stunning yellow diamond rings we have ever seen.

harry winston belleHarry Winston

Aptly named Belle (translated as beautiful in French) Harry Winston created this showstopping round brilliant diamond engagement ring in celebration of its 80th anniversary. The center stone is complimented by the zig zag micropavé bezel that has a touch of 1920s art deco inspiration. It is modern, futuristic and a great departure from your usual Harry Winston signature style.
van cleef
VanCleef and Arpels
This whimsical two butterfly between the finger ring is one of Van Cleef and Arpels favourite themes, with the ring representing the grace and beauty of butterflies in flight. The white and pink gold combination with white diamonds and pink sapphires creates a striking yet enchanting contrast, re-inventing this highly unusual way of adorning a ring.
Boodles Oval Pink Diamond Ring
A cross between an oval and a marquise due to its wider and narrower than usual shape, this pale pink diamond surrounded by a halo cluster pink diamonds in 18ct rose gold is romantically elegant and sophisticated with a hint of royal-esque status. The halo is designed with as little metal as possible to ensure the stone is the center of attention.
With a slight resemblance of a crowned jewel, this Joséphine  engagement ring is certainly unique to most engagement ring designs. It features an upside down pear shape sapphire joined by two diamond paves wide set bands. Despite its appearance it is classically modern and versatile in terms of how it is worn. We are enriched by the mesmerising deep blue sapphire.

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01f54e861f2374ef68008c74feaacc28Have you ever considered a winter wedding? Whether in Australia or abroad? Summer is the most popular season for weddings due to the guarantee of perfect weather (well, almost), outdoor weddings and strapless wedding dresses. With winter weddings we envision scenic snowy surroundings, log cabin decor and burning candles.

One of the many advantages of having a winter wedding is the cost and availability. As couples tend to book venues in the summer there are spaces available during the colder months, for that reason alone the cost of venues tend to be cheaper too, along with photographers, florists and caterers. 1e9f0effd7f6aa405a91a140e2a007e0

The theme of a winter wedding is the fun part. For the bride you can dress warmly in snowy white or grey shrugs/bolero whilst the bridesmaids can keep warm with pashminas or brightly coloured cashmere. Add extra details to your wedding dress with elegant long sleeves lace details.

To decorate the venue you can use tea-lights on the table and around the venue, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Decorate the table using seasonal fruits such as figs, persimmons, lemons and berries. Keep yourself and your guests warm by serving mulled wine or if they don’t drink; hot chocolate before the start of the meal, which could includes soup, stews, 3f6109e300e4c141f2ae8a52227f7f2amince pies and puddings. End the day with a firework display to make the winter wedding truly memorable.

Here are the additional advantages of having a winter wedding;

Location; indoor spaces including barns, warehouses, large cabins or surrounded by snow if you can stand the cold.

Photography; Beautiful scenic backdrops in snowy woodlands, snow covered 6fc5cfd1d2b775512ab4c70075258e04buildings or Christmas trees, creating your own winter wonderland using red berries, pine cones, branches, leaves etc.

Fire; enjoy the chilly night’s romantic outdoors kept warm with log fire and blankets.








Here are our inspirational winter wedding ideas;


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first danceChoosing the song for the first dance at your wedding can be overwhelmingly difficult or one of the easiest decisions during wedding planning. It is the most intimate and special part of your wedding day in front of your loved ones. From traditional classics such as Etta James “At Last” to contemporary and romantic tunes on the radio such as Ed Sheeren “Thinking Out Loud”, the choices are limitless.

The song choice for your first dance could be the music playing in the background on your first date, a particular part of the lyrics that describes how you feel for each other, or it could just be a song you both enjoy listening to. It doesn’t have to be slow and romantic; cooler, funkier music is sometimes used for a couple’s first dance. In the era of social media and viral videos being shared online we are seeing couples coming up with dance routines to surprise their guests.

Here is our top picks for our first dances;


Old classics

Etta James

Etta James

“Could I Have This Dance?” by Anne Murray
“Endless Love”  by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
“At last” by Etta James
“I Finally Found Someone” by Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams
“Your Song” by Elton John
“Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe”  by Barry White
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”  by Marvin Gaye
“Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers
“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeren
“All Of Me” by John Legend
“Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion
“Better Together” by Jack Johnson
“Truely Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden
“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
“Yellow” by Coldplay
“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith
“Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams
“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias
“Come Away With Me” – Norah Jones
What song was your first dance?

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new theme white

We are embracing the minimalist and monochrome look this summer. White has become a popular catwalk trend for several seasons and it is not fading away anytime soon. It is a neutral colour palette that gives an essence of angelic and calming appearance, it is certainly pleasing to the eye and will attract a certain amount of attention. There are so many different shades going, i.e. winter white, coconut white, off white, floral white and navajo white to name but a few. However it is not necessary to be completely covered from head to toe in white, break it up by adding a subtle colour difference such as a coloured gemstone on a piece of jewellery or black strappy sandals.

Our current must haves;

Dion Lee casual yet sophisticated strapless grid playsuit with two way pleat panel overlay at the front at back.

Desa 1972 clean and minimalist backpack described as coconut white leather.

Taryn Compagnoni dainty 18ct white gold necklet with 0.02ct pink diamond.

Nicholas Kirkwood comfortable off white leather flat sling back sandals.

Tayha Designs lustrous South Sea pearl drop earrings with diamonds.

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