Rosser Reeves Star Ruby

Rosser Reeves Star Ruby

Ruby has been widely considered as one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, symbolically representing passion, vivacity and love.

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, like sapphire. In truth Ruby is a red sapphire since they both are identical in all properties apart from colour. However, due to Ruby’s historical significance and exceptional nature it has been classified as an individual gemstone but never described as a sapphire.

Not only Ruby is desirable for its bright red colour and exceptional brilliance, it is also one of the hardest gemstones with the hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

The rarest and most valuable Rubies usually comes from Mogok, Burma

Elizabeth Taylor 8.24ct Van Cleef and Arpels Ruby ring

Elizabeth Taylor 8.24ct Van Cleef and Arpels Ruby ring

(Myanmar). Burmese ruby is sometimes referred to as ‘pigeon blood red’ and has a luxurious natural red colour that increases the value of the gemstone that can sometimes rival or even surpass diamonds in the current market. The colour of Burmese ruby is described as exceptionally vivid, displaying brilliance in any lighting conditions. Rubies are also sourced from Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Mozambique, Pakistan, Australia and the U.S.

Burmese Ruby Tiara by Garrard & Co

Burmese Ruby Tiara by Garrard & Co

Notable famous rubies includes the Black Prince’s Ruby on the Imperial State Crown with its origin dating back in the middle of the 14th century, Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning Van Cleef and Arpels 8.24ct ruby and diamond ring from her then husband Richard Burton and Queen Elizabeth Burmese ruby tiara created by Garrard and Co. The world’s most famous ruby has to be the Rosser Reeves Ruby from Sri Lanka. Weighing at 138.7 carats, is one of the largest and finest star rubies.

Ruby makes the perfect engagement ring and its versatility is limitless. The design can be as a solitaire to show off the ruby on its own or it can be complemented with diamonds surrounding the gemstone or on the band. Ruby and diamond eternity ring is extremely popular for 40th wedding anniversary.

Black Prince's Ruby Crown

Black Prince’s Ruby Crown

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tanzanite-gems-stones-taz-00298-lTanzanite was first discovered in 1967 at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania of the Arusha region. Named after its country of origin, it is the only place to have Tanzanite on earth. Because of this it is one of the rarest and most extraordinary gemstones in the world. As time passes it will become even more precious.

Fact: Tanzanite is a 1000 times rarer than diamonds!

A blue to violet gem variety of the mineral Zoisite, Tiffany and Co renamed the gemstone Tanzanite in 1968, ultimately becoming one of the most alluring and desirable gemstones in the industry and to the public, and remain so till this day. What is so vastly appealing about Tanzanite is the exquisite colours it projects. It ranges from velvet blue, lilacs, deep indigos to light violet blue, it will display different colours when viewed at different angles. The same applies when viewed at different lighting conditions.

Fact: Tanzanite is named a December birthstone in 2002

In recognition of Tanzanite’s popularity, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) chose Tanzanite as one of December’s birthstones alongside Zircon and Turquoise. This was the first time the official birthstone list has changed since 1912.

Even though Tanzanite is relatively soft gemstones it is very popular in jewellery. It is often used for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Due to its limitations in its durability rings are seldomly made using Tanzanite but extra care must be taken to protect the gemstone from knocks and surface scratches. Very often you would see ring designs with diamond cluster halos surrounding the Tanzanite not only to bring out the colour but also for added protection.

In a similar way to buying diamonds, Tanzanite has a grading system to determine the value and quality of the gemstone. Instead of four there are 5c’s; colour, carat, cut, clarity and confidence.


Colour refers to the intensity of colour and its degree of saturation. The depth of colour ranges from exceptionally blue-violet to pale-bluish. The deeper the colour, the rarer the gemstone and the most valuable.

Tanzanite colour


This definition is used to measure the weight of the Tanzanite. One carat has 100 points and weighs 1/5 of a gram. If they both appear to be idenitcal it will have different Carat Weights if the depth varies.



Cut refers to the brilliance, proportions and finish of a Tanzanite. It ranges from excellent to poor. An excellent cut will have a maximum brilliance reflected from facets of the gemstone whereas a poorly cut Tanzanite would appear lifeless. Rounds, trillion and cushion cuts being the most popular.



Clarity refers to any natural flaws and inclusions in a tanzanite, ranging from flawless or eye clean to heavily included. The more flawless the tanzanite, the more valuable it is and it is extremely rare.



To ensure that you are buying a gemstone that is authentic and ethically sourced, Tanzanite is accompanied by the Mark of Rarity Tm Tag. This tag is also applicable to Tanzanite featuring the icon of the Tanzanite Foundation.


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June is spoiled with three birthstones in the same month; Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. Here is a quick introduction of these beautiful yet varied gemstones.

Alexandrite is a form of chrysoberyl, formed in the earth’s crust due to the action of magma. It was first discovered in 1834 in the Ural Mountains and named after the Russian ruler at the time; Tsar Alexander I. Russia adopted Alexandrite as its national stone due to the presence of its national colours.alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of very few gemstones that changes colour; in natural daylight it changes to green or green blue but under artificial light into red violet or purple red. This is all due to the presence of chromium.

The gemstone is found at the Ural Mountains at its abundance, however supplies were exhausted. In 1987 high quality Alexandrite were found in Brazil as well as Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

Alexandrite is popular in jewellery due to the hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. The stone is considered to provide a source of good luck, sharpening the intuition and creativity of its wearer.


Pearl is the oldest gemstones in the world. A sign of wealth, elegance and beauty, it is the most popular gemstones for generations. It is highly regarded in many cultures, particularly the Romans, Victorians and Chinese dynasties who treasured the lustrous gemstone.

pearl Traditional white is the most popular colour for pearls. However they also come in pink, yellow, purple, black, silver and cream. A single pearl can reveal two colours under natural light. Pearls are symbolic and often represent friendship, loyalty and healing.

Pearl is created by the mollusc. When a parasite or foreign body invades the shell, layers of calcium and nacre surrounds it as a form of protection and remove the threat, leaving the formation of a stunning gemstone.

Due to over-farming natural pearls are very rare. in fact, most of not all of the pearls you see are cultured, meaning they are artificially created by injecting foreign bodies and tissues into the shells to stimulate growth.

Pearls are very popular in jewellery, especially stud earrings and stranded pearl necklaces. They can also be used for pendants, rings and bracelets as well as medicine, cosmetics and perfumes. 215001_216026025078837_151425_n




Moonstones get its name due to the bluish-white spots on the surface, and when held up to natural or artificial light, it gives off the appearance of silvery rays as you move the gemstone. It comes in many forms of colours, such as grey, blue, pink, white, brown and green.

Moonstone has a low hardness scale of 6 so extra care must be taken when handling the gemstone. Despite this moonstone has been used as jewellery for many centuries, including Roman and Greek civilizations, they identified this stone with lunar goddesses and gods.

rainbow_moonstoneHigh quality moonstone can be found in Sri Lanka, but they can also be found in Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, India, Burma, Poland, Norway and the Austrian Alps.

The gemstone is considered to enhance passion, protect children and women and bring good fortune.


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may birthstone 13Famously coveted by the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones in the world, especially if they’re perfect. Since ancient times, it is thought to grant the wearer’s prosperity, good health, patience and happiness.

Fact: Emeralds can also appear red and are considered to be extremely rare and expensive.

Emerald is a type of beryl colored green by chromium. The gemstone vary in color and ranges from yellow-green, blue-green, pale-green to deep-green. It has natural inclusions even with the highest quality stone, making it easier to tell a real emerald from a synthetic. Being quite a sensitive gemstone Emerald is vulnerable to heat due to its natural oil within the stone and may lose its natural colour if exposed.crown_of_andes

Fact: The most famous emerald jewellery is the The Crown of the Andes created around 1590 by settlers of the ancient city of Inca. It has 453 emerald gems set in the gold crown.

may birthstone 4Emeralds were discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia around 1830. The gemstone can also be found in USA, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Norway, Austria, India, Madagascar, and Australia. However, Colombia produces the largest and highest quality emeralds in the world.

As Emeralds are 7.5-8 on the hardness scale extra care should be taken to prevent damage when worn as a jewellery piece. Despite this emeralds they are highly sought after as engagement rings and cocktail rings. Emeralds can also be used as earrings, pendants and necklaces.may birthstone 3


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Aquamarine_trillion_cutThe word Aquamarine comes from the Latin word “Aqua,” meaning water and “marina,” meaning the sea, an uncanny resemblance of the Mediterranean. Like seawater, the colour varies from light blue, dark blue or green-blue. The deeper the colour, the more valuable the gemstone. However, the most desirable and commerically popular tone is light blue.

Fact: Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family.

Beryl was predominately used to correct visions dating as far back as 2,000 years and it is still being used today in the manufacturing of eyeglasses. With the Mohs scale of 7.5 – 8 it is a durable gemstone, making it very popular as a jewellery piece or carving ornaments.

Aquamarine is thought to be associated with courage, loyalty and friendship, as well as symbolising beauty, honesty and faithfulness.

Fact: Aquamarine is the gemstone for 19th wedding anniversary.

Dom Pedro aquamarine

Dom Pedro aquamarine

It is believed that Aquamarine has the ability to cure a string of ailments such as alleviating pain, kidney and liver disorders. It is thought that sailors wore the gemstone to keep them safe and prevent seasickness.

The most valuable Aquamarine comes from Brazil, but it is also mined in Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia.

Fact: The world’s largest aquamarine to have ever been cut is the ‘Dom Pedro’ weighing in at 26kg. It was cut in Germany in 1992.

Aquamarine is very popular when faceted to reveal the subtle and serene sparkle of the stone. However some customers do prefer the smoothness of the cabochon cut. The most popular cut for this gemstone is rectangular, square or emerald step cuts. It can be worn as a solitaire or surrounded by white diamonds to offset the beauty of the gemstone. It can be also cut into rounds, ovals, pears, trillions and cushions.

aquamarineWe regularly have customers walking through our doors looking for the perfect aquamarine gemstone for their loved ones. Whether it is for an anniversary gift, special birthdays or purely because it reminds them of the colour of their partner’s eyes, we can make your ideal aquamarine jewellery come true.



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February AmethystAmethyst is the most valuable gemstone in the quartz family, with its rich hues and tones found in today’s British crown jewels and is closely associated to royalty, aristocracy and nobility. Although amethyst is well known for its purple colour, it ranges from deep violet, lilac, mauve and pale lavender, with deeper and richer purple being the most valuable and sought after.

Quick Fact: Amethyst was once considered more valuable than diamonds.brazilian-amethyst

It is believed that amethyst has special properties, and these includes controlling your temper and emotions, gives you inner strength and stability, to provide love and affection, brings peace and calm in your life and gives you the energy to solve difficult problems. The healing properties of amethyst are thought to help a variety of addictions, headaches, insomnia, provide pain relief and general healing.

Quick Fact: Amethyst comes from the Greek word which means ‘not drunken’ or ‘sober’.

Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana's Amethyst cocktail ring at the Oscars 2010.

Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana’s Amethyst cocktail ring at the Oscars 2010.

It is one of the most popular gemstones in jewellery, which has been used for thousands of years. With the hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, it is durable for everyday wear. The design choice is completely yours, with most preferring the faceting of the amethyst for that extra brilliance and beauty, whereas others prefer smoother, cleaner shapes such as cabochon. It can be cut into any shapes such as round, pear, marquise, princess and oval.

Quick Fact: Amethyst is the 6th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Amethyst is found in various part of the world but it is commonly found2-amethyst-engagement-rings-0212-square-w352 in Brazil, Uraguay, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Zambia and the United States.

At Tayha Designs we have created many customised pieces using amethyst. It can be paired with diamonds or other complimentary gemstones. Whether it is a pair of earrings, drop pendant, engagement ring or cocktail ring, we can make your ideal amethyst jewellery come to life.





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