As life changes, you grow, learn and change your likes, tastes and styles change.

It is okay to change your jewellery. Some people believe that jewellery holds a memory, this makes it hard to let go of, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed to suit you and your style now. We can use you existing gold pieces melt them down, re-work them and add to them to create exactly what you are after today for this moment in your life.


As our work is all done on site you can have peace of mind that your original piece of jewellery will be part of your finished piece. We work with you we assess what you have, help you design what you want and then hand-make your new jewellery design.

Here is an example that has recently left the work shop.

Sapphire and diamond ringOval diamond ring






Broken Antique Brooch Brooch repaired

Family heirloom jewellery is always treasured but is not always in the best shape. As the pieces get passed down the generations slight alterations are made and through general wear, tear and age the jewellery can slowly break.

Here is a brooch that was worn through a war and survived a bombing. It was slightly altered so it could be worn as a pendant previous to making its way to Tayha DesigIMGP1553ns but it had definitely seen better days. The original workmanship was beautiful but a couple of old rose cut diamonds were missing and the under rail gallery had come away or broken off completely.

These pieces tell a story and it was amazing to restore it for our customer. We sourced some old cut diamonds and re-attached and re-build the gallery. It is now safely back on the neck of the owner with a beautiful matching chain ready to tell another life time of stories.

Princess cut 1ct DiamondI was cleaning a friends ring the other day and it got me thinking about wedding and engagement ring sets. She is one of these people that wear their rings non-stop; she hardly ever takes them off. Once a year I snatch them off her and give them a once over and it’s amazing how “like new” they come up every time.
Most people wear their Engagement and Wedding rings every day. Provided your rings are made well and the stones you choose are durable this is ideal. The safest place for your jewellery is always on you but most importantly it’s the meaning of them being on that finger. Where did this idea come from and what does it mean to you?


Though the exact origin of wedding rings is unknown, historians primarily believe ancient Egypt started the tradition. Archaeological discoveries, some dating back more than 3,000 years ago, led them to this conclusion. Through translated hieroglyphics, experts learned how this society viewed the circle as a symbol of endless love between a man and woman. Additionally, Egyptians wore wedding bands on the ring finger of their left hands. They believed this finger held a special vein directly connected to the heart. The concept was passed down to other cultures, and centuries later, it was coined by the Latin term vena amoris or vein of love.
In ancient Rome unions were officiated with the groom presenting a ring to his bride. Most rings were made of iron, which led to the tradition of metal wedding rings. Unlike the Egyptians’ symbols of love, however, historians believe the Romans viewed these bands as symbols of possession. The wife now belonged to the husband.

View our online Jewellery rangeIn my industry Engagements are my favourite thing. I get to work with people at one of the happiest times in their life. There is nervousness, excitement and anticipation.

One big thing I have noticed is the trends of the engagement ring have changed over the last 14 years while I have been in the industry. Not only in styles, metal choice, average size of diamonds but also in the way the rings are designed and chosen. More and more we are seeing couples making this life choice together. Traditionally the man would come and select a ring for his partner and it would all be a surprise. Now we are getting up to 40% of engagement ring sales chosen and designed by the couple.

The engagement ring is a big investment but most importantly it is a symbol of love that you want to be able to wear forever. It is a daunting thing for a man or women to do on their own but there is still something magical about the surprise and romance of the tradition.

With social media and the World Wide Web we have found a great way to keep this tradition alive and so far have had great success. What and How? Pinterest! We have regular customers, friends and referrals that use a private board that they only share with us. You may not know if your partner is planning on proposing or your husband planning a birthday present but keeping your inspirations on a boards so in the event of an engagement or anniversary they know we know your like, dislikes, styles and colour preferences but the romance of him designing something for you is still alive.

Here is an example of and inspiration board

We love individually designing jewellery to perfectly suit each customer and a little bit of personal inspiration does go a long way. So share your board with us and tell your partners about Tayha Designs and where to find us.

Moganite GemstoneToday we are working on a Morganite ring that has been two years in the design process with our customer. It will feature a rose gold setting, channal set princess diamonds and tiny diamonds beads set over all surfaces. The ring is being made from her old engagement rings. It will be a statement piece.