New Style, New Design

As life changes, you grow, learn and change your likes, tastes and styles change. It is okay to change your jewellery. Some people believe that jewellery holds a memory, this makes it hard to let go of, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed to suit you and your style now. We can use […] → Continue Reading New Style, New Design

Antique Repairs

Family heirloom jewellery is always treasured but is not always in the best shape. As the pieces get passed down the generations slight alterations are made and through general wear, tear and age the jewellery can slowly break. Here is a brooch that was worn through a war and survived a bombing. It was slightly […] → Continue Reading Antique Repairs

Engagement – Wedding Set

I was cleaning a friends ring the other day and it got me thinking about wedding and engagement ring sets. She is one of these people that wear their rings non-stop; she hardly ever takes them off. Once a year I snatch them off her and give them a once over and it’s amazing how […] → Continue Reading Engagement – Wedding Set

Pinning = Perfect Proposal

In my industry Engagements are my favourite thing. I get to work with people at one of the happiest times in their life. There is nervousness, excitement and anticipation. One big thing I have noticed is the trends of the engagement ring have changed over the last 14 years while I have been in the […] → Continue Reading Pinning = Perfect Proposal

Morganite Diamond Ring

Today we are working on a Morganite ring that has been two years in the design process with our customer. It will feature a rose gold setting, channal set princess diamonds and tiny diamonds beads set over all surfaces. The ring is being made from her old engagement rings. It will be a statement piece.