01f54e861f2374ef68008c74feaacc28Have you ever considered a winter wedding? Whether in Australia or abroad? Summer is the most popular season for weddings due to the guarantee of perfect weather (well, almost), outdoor weddings and strapless wedding dresses. With winter weddings we envision scenic snowy surroundings, log cabin decor and burning candles.

One of the many advantages of having a winter wedding is the cost and availability. As couples tend to book venues in the summer there are spaces available during the colder months, for that reason alone the cost of venues tend to be cheaper too, along with photographers, florists and caterers. 1e9f0effd7f6aa405a91a140e2a007e0

The theme of a winter wedding is the fun part. For the bride you can dress warmly in snowy white or grey shrugs/bolero whilst the bridesmaids can keep warm with pashminas or brightly coloured cashmere. Add extra details to your wedding dress with elegant long sleeves lace details.

To decorate the venue you can use tea-lights on the table and around the venue, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Decorate the table using seasonal fruits such as figs, persimmons, lemons and berries. Keep yourself and your guests warm by serving mulled wine or if they don’t drink; hot chocolate before the start of the meal, which could includes soup, stews, 3f6109e300e4c141f2ae8a52227f7f2amince pies and puddings. End the day with a firework display to make the winter wedding truly memorable.

Here are the additional advantages of having a winter wedding;

Location; indoor spaces including barns, warehouses, large cabins or surrounded by snow if you can stand the cold.

Photography; Beautiful scenic backdrops in snowy woodlands, snow covered 6fc5cfd1d2b775512ab4c70075258e04buildings or Christmas trees, creating your own winter wonderland using red berries, pine cones, branches, leaves etc.

Fire; enjoy the chilly night’s romantic outdoors kept warm with log fire and blankets.








Here are our inspirational winter wedding ideas;


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A symbol of prosperous wealth and prestige, the rarest of diamonds were once in the possession of royalties, world leaders and noble dynasties of the past. With valuable diamonds changing hands to the highest bidder at auctions till this day, we are holding our collective breathes for the first billion dollar diamond being sold.  Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most expensive diamonds ever recorded in history.

Cullinan Israt of africa

The Cullinan I came from the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found, The Cullinan at 3106.75 carats. The pear shape diamond weighs at 530.2 carat and is known as the Star of Africa. Cullinan I is kept in the Tower of London amongst the British Crown Jewels. It is valued at USD 400 million.




hope diamondHope Diamond

The hope diamond is a 45.52 carats large cushion antique brilliant diamond being held for exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. The diamond is described as fancy dark greyish blue or dark blue in colour. It was once owned by King Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and Harry Winston. The value of this diamond is estimated between USD 250 to 350 million.


De Beers Centenary DiamondCentenary-Diamond

The De Beers Centenary Diamond is the third largest diamond to have ever been produced in the Premier Mine at 273.85 carats. It is graded D in colour by GIA and classed as flawless. It is currently valued at USD 100 million; however, the current owner remained anonymous.

The Pink Starpink star

The Pink Star, formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, weighs 59.60 carat and described as fancy vivid pink by GIA. It was mined by De Beers in 1999. In 2013 the Pink Star was auctioned by Sotheby’s in Geneva, fetching a world record USD 83.2 million.



Wittelsbach-Graff DiamondWittelsbach graff

The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond is a 35.36 carats fancy deep blue diamond that was part of the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. A celebrated stone that is rich in history, it was originally owned by King Philip IV of Spain and allegedly sold for USD 80 Million to a Sheik in Qatar.



graff pink

Graff Pink

Graff Pink is a 24.78 carat rare pink diamond once owned by Harry Winston. At the Sotheby’s auction it was sold for USD 46 Million by diamond dealer Laurence Graff. The gem is graded by GIA as fancy intense pink and has been assessed as diamond type IIa, placing it in the top 2% of the world’s diamonds.


Moussaieff Red DiamondMoussaieff

The Moussaieff Red is a fancy red trilliant cut diamond discovered in the 1990 in Brazil. It weighs 5.11 carats and is known as the world’s largest red diamond ever found. It is valued at USD 20 million.




archdukejosephArchduke Joseph diamond

Archduke Joseph diamond is named after a Hungarian prince. It is a colourless, antique cushion-shaped diamond and weighs 78.54 carat, graded as D colour and Internally Flawless by GIA. The diamond was found in the famous Golconda mines, where many historical diamonds originated from. In 2012 the diamond was sold for USD 21.4 million at Christie’s auction.





The Mountain of Light or Koh-i-Noor is a diamond that was mined in India and was once owned by various Sultans, Emperors and war lords in Central Asia before it came into the possession of Queen Victoria in 1800s.  It weighs 105.602 carats and possibly the most valuable and significant diamond in the world.  Today the diamond is a part of the British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.





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