asscher-cut-diamondA versatile diamond that boost a royal heritage and decadent prestige, the Asscher Cut is one of the most beautiful and glamorous diamonds in the world. First created by Joseph Asscher of the Netherlands in 1902, he was famously commissioned by King Edward VII to cut the world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan diamond weighing at 3,106 carats. It still holds the record as the largest diamond ever found.

Quick Fact: The original Asscher has 58 facets whereas the Royal Asscher cut has 74 facets.

Although it was first developed in the early 1900s, the Asscher cut came to prominence in the 1920s during the art deco movement. It was seen in many art deco inspired designs and that popularity continued on during World War II. Until the resurgence of interest and re-invention of the Asscher in the late 1990s the cut was a valuable collector’s item and found in antique shops.

Elizabeth Taylor with her 33.19 carats Asscher cut diamond from Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor with her 33.19 carats Asscher cut diamond from Richard Burton.

Quick Fact: One of the world’s most iconic women wore an Asscher cut – Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton gave her a Krupp diamond at 33.19 carats. It is now known as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.

The Asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut, and also described as as square cut emerald or stepped square cut. Like the Emerald, the Asscher has cropped corners and clean, defined lines. The diamond can be held by four claw prongs setting to create a square shape or surrounded by round brilliant diamonds in a halo style setting to reveal the cropped corners. Unlike the Emerald cut however, the positioning of the facets creates extra sparkle and brilliance, where it draws you in to the centre of the stone.

The Asscher cut is now a sought after engagement ring for fashion-conscious, professional women in this modern society. Due to its versatility, it can be designed in modern, art deco or vintage style of settings. If you prefer an engagement ring that is not too old fashioned or too sparkly, then the Asscher cut is the perfect engagement ring for you as it has the best of both characteristics.

A timeless and sophisticated diamond, the Asscher cut will continue to retain that element of beauty and aura for many decades to come.

At Tayha Designs we are lucky enough to have designed engagement rings with an Asscher cut stone. Here are a few selections of beautiful Asscher cut rings for happy customers;

Asscher cut

Tayha Designs

Asscher cut diamond

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Halo engagement ringGlamorous, timeless and sophisticated, halo engagement rings are one of the world’s most popular style of engagement rings since the 1920s. Although the style has consistently evolved over the decades, its emotional, decadent and sentimental value has remained the same.

To have a better understanding of the term ‘halo’, it refers to small diamonds framing or creating a border around the centre stone. It is a classic choice and creates limitless possibilities in terms of shapes, styles, designs and personalisation. The vision is completely yours. Halo engagement ring

To delve briefly into history, the halo engagement ring dates as far back as the Georgian and Victorian eras. However, it first became popular during the Art Deco Movement in the 1920s, where elegant, decorative and aesthetically pleasing designs became a norm, predominately associated with Hollywood glamour and an era of opulence. You’ll find that with modern designs today there are traces of the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras, an historical fusion that is hard to resist.

The core objective of a halo setting is to purely enhance the centre stone, Halo engagement ringbringing out that extra sparkle, brilliance and beauty of an engagement ring. The surrounding diamonds are generally small thus not to overwhelm or distract the centre stone. Whether the centre stone is a round, princess, pear shape, cushion or emerald, each of these will create a truly unique look. It doesn’t only have to be diamonds, precious gemstones in a halo setting also create that wonderful and classic look.

At Tayha Designs we have many customers who has walked through our doors with an idea in mind for their perfect halo engagement ring. The one to one consultation is important in bringing the ideas to life and we are pleased to say there were many happy customers who were thrilled with the final result. 225939_524032540944849_614721685_n

We have created many halo engagement rings in the past (some we are working on now) and we have carefully picked out our favourite 5 halo engagement rings we have made for our customers.




Antique design diamond halo ring


The specification of this handmade halo engagement ring is to have a trace of historical influence with a subtle modern edge. This antique style engagement ring holds a 1ct round brilliant diamond in the centre with 0.01cts small round diamonds surrounding the stone as well as the shoulders in a grain setting. The centre stone is bordered with a 18ct white gold rim to create a modern feel however the milgrain edging also adds a touch of a vintage appearance.

Emerald cut has a long history of being classed as a non-traditional engagement ring. Because of that, they do tend Emerald cut diamond ringto stand out more, especially if it has been thoughtfully and creatively designed. This emerald cut halo engagement ring is uniquely stunning and has a sophisticated personality. The emerald is surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds held by bead settings to provide a perfect contrast between the clean step cut of the emerald and the extra brilliance and sparkle of the rounds. The ring is given an extra touch with two round dark blue sapphire placed either side of the centre stone to create a one of a kind piece. The shank is then completed with round brilliant diamonds in a millgrain setting.


halo engagament ringWe love how futuristic this bespoke halo engagement ring looks. It is set with 0.50ct round brilliant diamond bordered with Platinum, surrounded by an open halo grain setting with small diamonds; it appears as if the centre diamond is floating. The shank is uniquely individual and suits the customers style perfectly!



A modern take of a classic style. We use 0.50ct princess cut diamond framed by a slightly thicker 18ct white gold rim toPrincess cut halo design set apart from the 0.01cts round brilliant in a grain setting, yet again textured with milgrain detailing. The shank is set with round brilliant diamonds with clear cut millgrain details which is able to show through due to the wider shank. It is a beautifully traditional design re-imagined in a contemporary way.



Cushion cut halo 2ct diamond engagement ring



This stunning bespoke halo engagement ring has an extra wow factor with the centre stone being a 2ct cushion cut diamond.  This style embraces the earliest design of the halo engagement ring setting. The surrounding round brilliant diamonds frames the cushion cut in a claw setting with matching shoulders where you can truly see the shape of the small diamonds. A style that never fades.

Get in touch if you have more questions about halo engagement rings, the possibility is endless.




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View our online Jewellery rangeIn my industry Engagements are my favourite thing. I get to work with people at one of the happiest times in their life. There is nervousness, excitement and anticipation.

One big thing I have noticed is the trends of the engagement ring have changed over the last 14 years while I have been in the industry. Not only in styles, metal choice, average size of diamonds but also in the way the rings are designed and chosen. More and more we are seeing couples making this life choice together. Traditionally the man would come and select a ring for his partner and it would all be a surprise. Now we are getting up to 40% of engagement ring sales chosen and designed by the couple.

The engagement ring is a big investment but most importantly it is a symbol of love that you want to be able to wear forever. It is a daunting thing for a man or women to do on their own but there is still something magical about the surprise and romance of the tradition.

With social media and the World Wide Web we have found a great way to keep this tradition alive and so far have had great success. What and How? Pinterest! We have regular customers, friends and referrals that use a private board that they only share with us. You may not know if your partner is planning on proposing or your husband planning a birthday present but keeping your inspirations on a boards so in the event of an engagement or anniversary they know we know your like, dislikes, styles and colour preferences but the romance of him designing something for you is still alive.

Here is an example of and inspiration board

We love individually designing jewellery to perfectly suit each customer and a little bit of personal inspiration does go a long way. So share your board with us and tell your partners about Tayha Designs and where to find us.