To all my gorgeous customers, friends, staff and family,

The last six years have been an amazing journey. I have had so much support, loyalty and love come through the doors at my quaint little Mt Lawley Store.

In the beginning when it was just myself, you (my customers) made a little community, a family for me. You have supported me not only by loving my product but simply by coming in to visit and letting me be apart of your life story. I have treasured getting to know you all personally and hearing about your families and adventures.Natalai at a show

Then, as Tayha Designs grew I have had the pleasure of working with one of my best friends, Natalia, by my side. She took the shop and the customers on as her own and made career and a place for herself in this little Astor Arcade. She was definitely thrown in the deep end when she started with me and she took it all in her stride, I couldn’t be more grateful. You are a beautiful person Natalia.


ShopFrom this small beginnings the shop just grow. I have had a fantastic group of people working with me along the way. Monica, Hannah, Sabah, Ben, Erin, Elizabeth, Hayley, Wendy (Mum) and Tamuy you have all added your own touch to Tayha Designs. You have all helped me see different ways of approaching business. It amazed me the dedication and hard work you all put into everything you did at Tayha Designs. For a small shop full of girls (plus Ben) it has been a fantastic work environment. I thank each and everyone of you. I also want to thank all the jewellers that have exhibited in my little gallery, the people of Mt Lawley have really appreciate your unique talents.

Life is full of adventures and challenges and my Mt Lawley store has been both. I honestly feel like I have achieved everything I could of hoped for. Of course I could not have done this with out the love, support and encouragement from my family. Thank you Bree for helping me open, thank you Mum for working for me when all my staff left were on maternity leave. Thank you to Alex for putting up with my long hours and thank you to the rest of Alex and my  family for being there as always. And also thank you to my friends for always being around to help and support.

As most of you know last year I started a family of my own, as did Natalia, Erin and Hayley (almost, due any day now). We have all had (or are having) little girls and with this new chapter in our lives I have decided it is time to change the direction of Tayha Designs a little. No I am not closing up and disappearing, I just couldn’t do that, I love it too much.

I have decided to let the shop front go. I will be putting a bit of time into the web site for a refresh and revamp as Tayha Design will run online and by appointment. I will still provide all the same services but I will be more flexible, being able to come to you and provide a really personalised jewellery experience. I would still love to be your jeweller and help with designing and creating those cherished pieces of jewellery you will love forever.

Once again I just can not thank you all enough and I hope I can continue working with you all. Please don’t hesitate contacting me through the web site, email or facebook I look forward to working with you all soon.

Lots of Love and Kind Regards

Taryn Compagnoni

Getting married is a special occasion, involving families and friends to celebrate the joyful union. Sometimes there are things you just want to keep between yourself and your other half, something more private, sentimental and just between the two of you. Engraving your wedding bands with deep meaning is heartfelt, precious and seals your commitment for one another.

Here are some ideas of what you could engrave on your wedding band;

Initials, names and dates

engraving ideas One of the simplest choices for engraving ideas is combining both your initials with the date of the wedding after it. How you style the initials is completely down to you, it could be short and sweet or your full names and date running along the inside of the wedding band. If your wedding band is an eternity ring then you might want to keep it shorter plus bare in mind of the hallmarking inside the ring that may restrict the space available. You don’t have to engrave the date of the wedding but it is the most obvious choice, you could also engrave the date you first met, anniversary or a special date for you both. Finally, you can have each others name in the wedding bands.

Love Quotes1bef4f2b9e12676e48081c3987a169bc

Sayings and quotes could be ones that expresses how you feel about each other, it could be as simple as a quote in the vows such as “I Do” or famous love quotes throughout history. You could also engrave loveable nicknames you have for each other.

Foreign quotes

If you want a message more obscure then Latin is a popular option, such as “Te Amo” translated as  “I Love You”, but the sentiment in any other language sounds beautiful. Or it could be a love quote in your second language that has a special meaning to both of you.

Religious verse8cba46ddfba6fe9c50c8703edffd4c17

If you and your partner are spiritual then an engraving with a saying that is related to your beliefs will hold more significance than most i.e. “Love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4), “Faith, Hope and Love” (Corinthians  13:13) and “My lover is mine, and I am his” (Song of Solomon 2:16).

Connected sayings

If the quote is too long or a saying has two parts, then placing half the line on one wedding band and the rest on another will make it very special, symbolising how connected you are with each other i.e. “Keep love (his band)… in your heart”(her band) – Oscar Wilde, “Where there is love… there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Fingerprint engravingfingerprints

To have an engraving that is truly unique and something that no one else will ever have that is similar is a fingerprint. You could have each others fingerprints on the outside or inside of the wedding bands, or both. A fingerprint is your identity and by having the pattern engraved on the wedding bands symbolises the union as one.

funnyFunny quotes

Go for something different by being humorous! Although marriage is a serious matter it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

There are so many more ideas for engraving! Some include having pictures or symbols of your favourite things, such as your own unique handwriting engraved with a loving message or lyrics from your favourite songs.


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MS013Inspired by animals and nature, this superb blue wren is commonly found in Southeastern Australia and Marcus Synnot depicted this magnificant bird in mid flight. Marcus specialises in torch fired Plique-a-jour, a vitreous enamelling technique that highlights the the colour and detailing of his work. The pendant is silver and also features 18ct yellow gold.

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de-beers-aura-cushion-yellow-diamond-and-yellow-gold.-price-fromDe Beers

To source inspiration and innovation sometimes it is necessary to go back to the very basic, it is quite surprising that very few thought about creating a ring with the same colour identity all over. This gorgeous De Beers 18ct yellow gold and cushion cut yellow diamond takes this challenge and ultimately becomes one of the most visually stunning yellow diamond rings we have ever seen.

harry winston belleHarry Winston

Aptly named Belle (translated as beautiful in French) Harry Winston created this showstopping round brilliant diamond engagement ring in celebration of its 80th anniversary. The center stone is complimented by the zig zag micropavé bezel that has a touch of 1920s art deco inspiration. It is modern, futuristic and a great departure from your usual Harry Winston signature style.
van cleef
VanCleef and Arpels
This whimsical two butterfly between the finger ring is one of Van Cleef and Arpels favourite themes, with the ring representing the grace and beauty of butterflies in flight. The white and pink gold combination with white diamonds and pink sapphires creates a striking yet enchanting contrast, re-inventing this highly unusual way of adorning a ring.
Boodles Oval Pink Diamond Ring
A cross between an oval and a marquise due to its wider and narrower than usual shape, this pale pink diamond surrounded by a halo cluster pink diamonds in 18ct rose gold is romantically elegant and sophisticated with a hint of royal-esque status. The halo is designed with as little metal as possible to ensure the stone is the center of attention.
With a slight resemblance of a crowned jewel, this Joséphine  engagement ring is certainly unique to most engagement ring designs. It features an upside down pear shape sapphire joined by two diamond paves wide set bands. Despite its appearance it is classically modern and versatile in terms of how it is worn. We are enriched by the mesmerising deep blue sapphire.

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Our favourite jewellery this week is this elegant and sophisticated Smile ring handmade in sterling silver by Natalia De Burgh. The ring is inspired by the symbolic crescent moon featuring a single 0.01ct black diamond just off center, depicting a crater found on the moon’s surface when collided with an asteroid or a comet. Finished off with a matted effect for a contemporary aesthetics, turning the ring to the side depicts a cheery smile, or, if you’re a glass half empty sort of person, a rather sad smile; a transformative mood ring with a modern twist.

View all her Smile collection in the online shop:

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Embossed-Cuff-Links1A recognisable influence on the international jewellery industry, Perth based Jewellery Designer Tamara Dixon focuses on the ancient technique of chain making with a signature twist to all her designs. She shies away from the luxury and status that traditional jewellery are perceived to symbolise, to explore the simplicity of repetitive forms and complex designs. By working primarily in fine silver it provides wearable purity of the collection and the lasting durability it affords. Inspired by her African and European heritage, her handmade traditional and contemporary chain designs shows more of her African heritage by incorporating texturing and weaving metal techniques. Not only does she work with silver, she also uses rubber, anodised aluminium and anodised niobium to add some colour to the unique and highly wearable pieces.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you first aspire to become a jewellery designer?

I come from a family of trade watchmakers evolving into the Jewellery industry. As the only member of the 4th generation to follow this path, I decided that designing and manufacturing held more interest to me. I wanted to embrace the traditions of old and found my natural calling in chain making. I am the only woman involved in the family trade. I got into the trade at 18 and was more involved in design and gemology. Once I moved to Australia, I had the opportunity to retrain in manufacturing and my designs have evolved from there.Hash-Earrings

2. What is your main source of inspiration when designing your jewellery collection?

 My main source of inspiration is the places around us and the hidden histories behind so much of what we see every day. Architecture, nature and landmarks for a number of my current starting points.

3. What is your signature style?

 My signature style is chain making. This is seen in my more contemporary designs where I like to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a jump ring. I also have a full collection of more traditional chain designs. These are not seen much these days due to the manufacturing process.

Opposite-Silver-Cuff-links4. Provide a little insight into your creative and technical process?

 Despite having spent 4 years achieving a design qualification, I cannot draw! I tend to make up a large number of elements and try them in different combinations until I find the perfect fit. I start from a basic idea and tend to find that the idea evolves as I am making the piece.

5. Describe the person wearing your jewellery. What type of person did you have in mind when designing your jewellery?

I would describe my customers as everyday people. My Jewellery appeals to children’s gifts, teenage contemporary, everyday man and woman, and evening glamour. I have always held the belief that Jewellery should be affordable and worn every day.

6. What is your motto in life/Your favourite quote?10959644_703193583112462_3614677239058385719_n

My motto in life is “Fons Vitae Caritas” – Love is the fountain of life

7. How do you relax when you’re not making jewellery?

 I am a prolific reader. If I am not making jewellery, you can pretty much guarantee that my nose will be in a book.

8. What is the best thing about Perth? Any recommendations?

The best thing about Perth would have to be the beaches. Having grown up in a landlocked country, it is such a privilege to be able to head to the beach any time you feel the urge.

10929246_688991907865963_1510010887726662560_n 9. What is your favourite piece from your own collection? What is your most treasured or significant piece?

My favourite piece from my own collection is very hard to choose. It constantly changes as you make new pieces. However, I do wear my African Woman pendant every day.

10. 3 words to describe your jewellery.

Bold   Funky   Affordable


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new theme white

We are embracing the minimalist and monochrome look this summer. White has become a popular catwalk trend for several seasons and it is not fading away anytime soon. It is a neutral colour palette that gives an essence of angelic and calming appearance, it is certainly pleasing to the eye and will attract a certain amount of attention. There are so many different shades going, i.e. winter white, coconut white, off white, floral white and navajo white to name but a few. However it is not necessary to be completely covered from head to toe in white, break it up by adding a subtle colour difference such as a coloured gemstone on a piece of jewellery or black strappy sandals.

Our current must haves;

Dion Lee casual yet sophisticated strapless grid playsuit with two way pleat panel overlay at the front at back.

Desa 1972 clean and minimalist backpack described as coconut white leather.

Taryn Compagnoni dainty 18ct white gold necklet with 0.02ct pink diamond.

Nicholas Kirkwood comfortable off white leather flat sling back sandals.

Tayha Designs lustrous South Sea pearl drop earrings with diamonds.

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may birthstone 13Famously coveted by the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones in the world, especially if they’re perfect. Since ancient times, it is thought to grant the wearer’s prosperity, good health, patience and happiness.

Fact: Emeralds can also appear red and are considered to be extremely rare and expensive.

Emerald is a type of beryl colored green by chromium. The gemstone vary in color and ranges from yellow-green, blue-green, pale-green to deep-green. It has natural inclusions even with the highest quality stone, making it easier to tell a real emerald from a synthetic. Being quite a sensitive gemstone Emerald is vulnerable to heat due to its natural oil within the stone and may lose its natural colour if exposed.crown_of_andes

Fact: The most famous emerald jewellery is the The Crown of the Andes created around 1590 by settlers of the ancient city of Inca. It has 453 emerald gems set in the gold crown.

may birthstone 4Emeralds were discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia around 1830. The gemstone can also be found in USA, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Norway, Austria, India, Madagascar, and Australia. However, Colombia produces the largest and highest quality emeralds in the world.

As Emeralds are 7.5-8 on the hardness scale extra care should be taken to prevent damage when worn as a jewellery piece. Despite this emeralds they are highly sought after as engagement rings and cocktail rings. Emeralds can also be used as earrings, pendants and necklaces.may birthstone 3


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 Lover of all things beautiful, Perth based Su James of Oyster and Pearl blog insightfully chronicles her life with envy inducing imagery and tongue in cheek posts, emphasising that life is not to be taken too seriously. Su intimately documents her fashion finds, worldly travels and delicious food through her blog whilst maintaining a busy full time corporate career as well as a freelance writing gig; it’s no wonder we describe her as superwoman in the making! Here we speak to the delightful Su about her obsessions with shoes, her love affair with New York and her adoration for pearl jewellery…



                 How would you define your personal style?

I define my style as quite feminine with just a little touch of edge to it. I dress just as much for comfort and functionality as I do for style but from time to time you just may find me in something outrageous.

I’m a devotee to the doctrine of high/low dressing and almost always mix less expensive and high street purchases with designer items. My biggest weakness are bags and shoes (I am currently battling an addiction against Valentino Rockstuds!) and there’s nothing that makes me swoon more than the arch of a beautiful stiletto heel.

What are your favourite Australian fashion brands?

I absolutely adore Lover. I would own almost every beautiful piece in their collections if I could. I adore the femininity of lace and the cuts of their dresses can be demure yet desirable all at the same time.

Where is your favourite place to go shopping?

Being quite busy, with both a full time corporate career as well as my blogging and freelance writing committments, I don’t have the time I once did to leisurely browse the retail stores. My weekends and down time are now prioritized to getting some rest and relaxation in addition to catching up with my nearest and dearest. For that reason, online shopping is the go for me.

My favourite online stores are ASOS (don’t we all love ASOS?!) and Farfetch for fantastic buys on designer items.


                                  Who is the influential figure in your life?

This is such a difficult one to narrow down to one person and I’ve concluded that I can’t definitively decide on which one person is the most influential. Thinking about this I realized that I am fortunate to share my life with many creative, talented, smart, and generous people and they collectively influence and inspire me to be the person I want to be and pursue my dreams and goals and encourage me when I need it.  So, if I can, I’ll take this opportunity to let my squad know – you guys are the greatest!

Are there any hidden gems in Perth you’ve discovered recently?

I spent a significant amount of time during the summer at a little patch of beach in between Scarborough and Peasholm Beach. Hidden from the main road by the high sand dunes, it has been bare of but one or two people each weekend I visited, and amazingly only a few metres in each direction there were crowds of people fighting for space for their towels. I’ve loved being able to come down here for a couple of hours with my magazine, cut fruit and bottle of water and just relax and recharge my batteries, and enjoy our climate and spectacular coastline. It’s something as simple as this that makes me appreciate this beautiful city even more.

Where is your favourite holiday destination so far?

Hands down, without a doubt, always will be – New York City. I’ve been so often and spent so much time there I almost don’t consider it a holiday destination anymore and I even half jokingly refer to it as my second home. Undeniably I love Perth and will consider always consider Perth to be my home, but I feel that my heart resides in two places – here and NYC.

I feel as home over there as I do in Perth. It’s everything that people say yet it’s so much more and you almost do yourself a disservice if you don’t allow yourself the time to discover NYC beyond the frenetic energy and hustle and bustle. It’s full of surprises, there’s always something new to discover and I think it’s the kind of city where you discover a little something about yourself as well.

My love affair with NYC started many, many years ago and it’s one I don’t envisage ending any time soon.


Where do you wish to visit one day?

I’ve been interested in ancient civilizations since I was in primary school and definitely cannot leave this earth without exploring the ancient ruins of Petra in Jordan.It blows my mind that structures of such scale and magnificence were created centuries ago without our modern technologies, yet the detail and intricacy of their work is phemonemal. To be in a place like that and to experience it all while knowing that it’s been there through so many changes in this world and seen the rise and fall of ancient empires, that is something just incredible.

How would you describe your jewellery style?

When it comes to jewellery, I prefer to invest in quality pieces that are classic and elegant. My favourite piece that I own is a long double strand of pearls that is joined together by a diamond clasp. I adore pearls – is it any surprise then that I named my blog Oyster & Pearl? Far from being something that your grandma or great-aunt would wear, I feel that pearls are something so simply elegant and ladylike yet I don’t think they’re out of place at all paired with a fuss free outfit of nice jeans and a simple top.

What is your favourite piece/or a piece that stood out from Tayha Designs.

The sterling silver double wattle branch ring by Rei Minohara-Starke really stood out for me. I think it would have a great presence on the finger and of course, the use of the wattle is such a lovely homage to one of our native Australian trees.


Where are your favourite places in Perth for:

i. Coffee

I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink hot chocolate and won’t say no to a little piece of cake. For this I can’t go past The Flour Factory in Queen Street. Their baked goods are out of this world and I have to thank their pastry chef for bringing their delightful Valrhona chocolate and double salted caramel cupcakes into my life.

ii. Dinner

A current favourite dinner spot in Perth is Cecchi’s in Inglewood. The menu offers fewer dishes than many other restaurants, however everything on the menu is done exceedingly well. The pasta is featherlight and silky and the flavours are some of the best Italian I have had outside of the home of my friend’s nonna.

iii. Breakfast/lunch

Dim sum may not be most people’s first thought when asked of their favourite place for breakfast or lunch, but to me dim sum is practically brunch, if you’re Cantonese – which I am not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to partake in the enjoyment of those delicious little dumplings. My go-to for dim sum is Imperial Court in Como. Though slightly pricier than the dim sum served in some Northbridge establishments, I do think Imperial Court’s dumplings are fresher in taste with a few very unique dumpling creations you don’t usually find elsewhere. Their soft shell grab is very moreish as are their yummy egg tarts.

 iv. Bars

Working on the terrace, I can’t go past enjoying one of our gorgeous Perth days on the rooftop of Bob’s Bar at Print Hall. Bob’s has a great selection of drinks to go along with the fun and relaxed atmosphere.


What’s the best thing about living in Perth?

I think our carefree spirit is what makes living in Perth so wonderful, and having travelled extensively the people I meet have often remarked to me that people from Perth and Western Australia are amongst the most life-loving people they’ve come across.  I’ll never forget sitting in a cafe in Chamonix, France speaking to one of the musicians who had just finished up their set, discovering that he knew Perth as he had once backpacked through Australia and in his broken English and my less-than-perfect French he shared with me that he loved Perth because “you people, you know life.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

5 words to describe yourself.

Living life like it’s golden.

Photos by



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Amanda HasenkamA playful depiction of a milky way, Jewellery Designer Amanda Hasenkam created an eye catching and wearable necklace using a rather unusual yet unique combination of gold bimetal, sterling silver and shibuichi (a traditional Japanese copper/silver alloy). The pebble is set in the centre and found in Lake St Clair, a lake in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. To finish off the pendant, the cord is made of handmade silk.

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