Two year on from closing down the shop in Mt Lawley and life hasn’t been any quieter. I have just celebrated the first birthday of my second baby girl and geez the time has flown by. 

I thought it is time to check back in.


Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you for your ongoing support and patience while my business and life had a massive change. I am so lucky that I have been able to still hear from and work with you through a variety of different means. Even after closing the shop I have had constant work from my beautiful customers/friends and that has kept me human. Even though it is a huge juggling act. As most new Mum’s find out quickly when welcoming the little ones into their lives, things are no longer about you, finding that little bit of time where you get to be a person and not just a Mum is very hard. Being able to work with my hands, create, designs, make and even simply communicate with others at an adult level has helped keep me sane (I think haha best ask the ones closest to me they may not vouch for my sanity haha).

What has happened in the last two years? The dogs are looking older, the babies are looking more like kids and I have set up house in the country slowly refreshing and renovating. The jewellery, well its just happened maybe at a slowly pace but that has allowed more creativity. I have been able to work with some awesome people and make heaps of really interesting wedding rings and a few statement pieces. I have listened to plenty of audio books while doing my diamond setting, its my zone time so if you have any recommendations please let me know! 

So what happens from here, where does Tayha Designs go now? No, at this stage I’m not going to open a new shop front its not the right time. My new Tayha Designs work shop is set in the Country on a farm where I get to enjoy farm life and the joys of creating luxury items all at once.

Why the country? It’s dry, its hot or its freezing, the insects are insane but its stunning. The stars are so bright and immense it makes you feel minuscule yet fills you at the same time. The air is fresh and the stillness is calming and with nowhere to be and nowhere to go, life slows down a little. Most of all I love being able to give the girls a childhood full of the freedom and innocence the country life offers.

So whats the plan for Tayha Designs? Well just because at the moment the city is not for me it doesn’t mean it will never be again. In the mean time I’m teeing up a few awesome collaborations and you never know there many even be something lined up back in the big smoke in regards to finding TD in store. You will have to stay tuned for that one. My plan is to continue keeping you updated on the social media platforms and I am trying to dedicate a bit of time to the website to give you all better access. As you all know time seems to be in short supply but I will do my best. In the mean time lets just keep on keeping on and you can always contact me through any means and I will do every thing I can to help. Eventually when the new collections are finished I will work on the online shop but again this is something to look forward to as its not quite ready just yet.

Thanks again for your support. If there is anything you are interested in or want to know about jewellery send me a message, let me know and I will do my best to share what I can.

Talk soon


1978870_301156020072865_246248017473243936_nLiving in the ‘City of Lights’ Perth and the innate love of its surrounding nature provides an instant source of inspiration for Silver by Kat designer Kathleen Genat, who joins Tayha Design’s quaint gallery of talented West Australian jewellery artists in Mt Lawley. Silver by Kat is a charming and delightful collection of sterling silver jewellery that is thoroughly modern with a romantic edge. Using delicate and creative processes such as detailed etching and printing, Kat creates sentimental snippets of everything around us, particularly the natural beauty of the world. The use of patina and reticulated silver in her jewellery collection is uniquely individual as each piece differs from one another, providing the wearer a truly one of a kind jewellery.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you first aspire to become a jewellery designer?

My name is Kathleen Genat. I live in the beautiful Perth hills with my two small boys, Winston and Hugo.
Art has been a passion of mine throughout my life, doing T.E.E art, and then many art electives while studying teaching at University. After living for six years in New York, I moved back to Perth, and it was at that point I found my passion for designing sterling silver jewellery.

Floral Dome

Floral Dome

2. What is your main source of inspiration when designing your jewellery collection?

Being from the hills and surrounded by nature, I find this is my main source of inspiration. I love the texture, movement and shape of the world around us, and I try to incorporate that into my jewellery.

3. What is your signature style?

My signature style is modern with a romantic edge. I am developing unique and wearable pieces that are individual and suggest a story.


Ring Pendant

Ring Pendant


4. Provide a little insight into your creative and technical process?

I am constantly thinking of new ideas which develop on paper and from    there I often let the creativity take over. I incorporate nature by roller      printing and photo etching to give depth and uniqueness to my pieces,    and often use the patina process to antique the silver.

 5. Describe the person wearing your jewellery. What type of    person did you have in mind when designing your jewellery?

The wearer of Silver by Kat is confidant, loves to tell a story, has a romantic edge, and a sense of contemporary style. She is not a person who can be pigeonholed, but she appreciates simplicity with depth.

Two Hearts Pendant

Two Hearts Pendant

6. What is your motto in life/Your favourite quote?

My motto in life is to stand firm in what I believe and to follow through with my dreams and goals.

“I have decided to stick with love,

hate is too great a burden to bear”

Martin Luther King Jr.

I aspire for my jewellery to be an expression of love, and to bring joy to the wearer.

7. How do you relax when you’re not making jewellery?

When I’m not making jewellery I love to spend time with family and friends, going to the beach and enjoying outdoor activities.

8. What is the best thing about Perth? Any recommendations?

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

I have been lucky enough to have travelled widely, and nothing beats Perths climate, beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Rottnest Island is a particular favorite of mine.

9. What is your favourite piece from your own collection? What is your most treasured or significant piece?

My favorite piece would be the bar pendant with the Banksia leaf print. I love the asymmetrical lines contrasted by the organic shape of the leaf.

My most treasured piece would be my ring with the three tiny hearts, which represents myself and my two boys.

Bar Pendant with Banksia Leaf Print

Bar Pendant with Banksia Leaf Print

10. 3 words to describe your jewellery.

3 words;





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