Tayha Designs | West Australian Jewellery

Jewellery Gallery, WA

Jeweller Taryn Compagnoni, through Tayha Designs, is proud to present an exquisite collection of West Australian hand-crafted jewellery from a range of local artists. Featuring a variety of jewellery styles, this is a space where Taryn and exhibiting artists can allow their creativity to shine, and express their style and tone through individual hand crafted pieces.

Taryn’s passion in life is jewellery, from the design through to the final hand crafted piece. The idea of being able to explore and express an individual’s personality through a piece of jewellery is what inspires her to create. Tayha Designs is a place where Taryn can share her designs, and those of other artists, with the public. The workshop is on premises which allows onsite services to be provided including jewellery repairs, redesigning, remaking and the creation of new, individually designed jewellery pieces.

Tayha Designs is open to everyone, so come in, have a look around and see what inspires you. No matter how big or small, talk to our staff about creating your own perfect piece of jewellery. Jewellery can bring a great sense of joy and fascination to one’s life. It can be in any form, from extreme simplicity to incredible complexity. Every person looks at a piece of jewellery differently and finds beauty in different aspects of it, and for us this is what makes it so interesting. Tayha Designs is a place where you can find that special piece of jewellery that is individual and speaks to you.