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Transform old gems into new treasures

At Tayha Designs, customers can choose to provide their old pieces of jewellery and have them handcrafted into something completely new! Whether it's an engagement ring that you want to update, or a family heirloom redesigned to suit your style, we can remodel just about anything. Old jewellery pieces are broken down by melting the gold and extracting the stones, which are then ready to be made into a new piece (or pieces!).

A fresh perspective

There’s plenty of options! After your initial enquiry, we will work together on your custom design, check if any new gold needs to be added or extra stones sourced and then Tayha Designs will create a beautiful new piece of jewellery for you.

Tayha Designs remodelled pieces are made-to-order and completely custom! When I have received your brief, you can expect initial designs within 7-10 business days and once a design is approved, it will take an approximate 4-6 weeks for production of your new jewellery.

Ready to get started?

Let's work together to renew your jewellery collection!

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