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Cleaning & repairs

Getting the most out of your jewellery

Tayha Designs (TD) is delighted to provide cleaning, repairs, and maintenance services for both TD and non-TD pieces. To start, I kindly ask for photos of your jewellery and a description of the repair. Based on an initial assessment, I will inform you if Tayha Designs can undertake the job and request that you send me your pieces for a thorough evaluation and quote. Following the repair, you will receive a photo of the restored piece with the final invoice before returning it to you.

Complimentary clean & polish

At Tayha Design, we believe that even the best-made jewellery deserves proper maintenance and care to avoid damage from daily wear and tear. That's why every TD made piece comes with a complimentary yearly clean, polish, and check. This annual check-up will allow me to assess the condition of your jewellery, ensuring that all the claws are intact, the stones are secure, and the band is in good condition.

You will be amazed when you get it back from a clean and polish, it will look like new and shine so bright!

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