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Explore a world of gemstones

As a jewellery maker, one of my greatest joys is searching for the perfect gemstone or diamond to bring your vision to life and make your new piece completely unique.

Once we have a design direction, I begin the stone sourcing process using parameters set by the customer in terms of budget, colour, shape and size, carefully selecting multiple stones that will perfectly complement your bespoke design.


Ethically sourced

I work with trusted suppliers in Australia and around the world to ensure ethical sourcing of stones. A commitment to using responsibly sourced gemstones is rooted in our desire to support both the environment and the industry that supports us.


Ethical gemstones ensure fair treatment and decent wages for industry workers while also resulting in higher quality stones.

Unleash your creativity

You have a variety of options when it comes to diamonds and gemstones for your jewellery, and the decision is entirely yours. Some common stones that I have sourced and worked with previously include Kimberly diamonds, Broome pearls, Queensland sapphires, Boulder opals and more. However, there are many more options available that I can source for you.

You can also use your own gems and upcycle from old rings, earrings and necklaces!


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