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  • How do I begin shopping for a custom piece?
    To get started on your new piece, we'll need to consider two key things: your budget and the style you're looking for. Feel free to share any inspiration pieces you have in mind. From there, Tayha Designs will reach out to discuss metal and gemstone choices and other finer details. Once we've gone back and forth via email and I have a clear understanding of your vision, I'll sketch some design options for you to choose from. Don't worry if you're not sure what you want yet - it's still an exciting process! I can help you narrow down your preferences with questionnaires and mood boards. After you've made your final decision, sit back and relax while I take care of the rest. We're excited to work with you on creating a beautiful piece that you'll love!
  • How long does it take to design a custom piece of jewellery?
    The design process doesn't have a set timeframe and depends on the customer's decisions and any modifications needed. When I have received your brief, you can expect initial designs within 7-10 business days. Once a design is approved, it will take an approximate 4-6 weeks for production of the custom-made piece.
  • What is the price range for custom design ring? Is custom jewellery more expensive than ready-made?
    Typically, you will pay a little more for a handmade ring in comparison to a machine-made, mass-produced ring because of the time required to handcraft a unique design. Custom-made rings vary greatly in price depending on the design, but discussing options with your jeweller can help adjust the design and quality of materials to fit your budget. Handmade rings are generally more durable and long-lasting, but may cost a little more as you are paying for labour and workmanship. Price range for a custom design ring is typically $1500 - $3000 plus any gems or diamonds required.
  • How do I find my ring size?
    There are several ways to determine your ring size, including measuring an existing ring or measuring your finger and using our ring sizing chart to find your size. Additionally, you can use a ring sizer tool to obtain an accurate size. To learn more about each of these options and to download the free chart, please click here. If you would like a ring sizer kit, they are available for purchase in our online shop - please click here.
  • What carat gold is the best?
    Carat (ct) is the term used to specify gold purity with 24ct indicating pure gold. When it comes to choosing which gold to use for your jewellery, there is not really a "best" option. The choice is determined by your budget, design, and personal preferences. Higher carats indicate more value, but for everyday wear, 9ct to 18ct are recommended. 22ct and 24ct are too soft for everyday use due to their purity.
  • What is white gold?
    White gold is made by mixing alloys with pure yellow gold, and because of this it is not a true white colour. 9ct (carat) white gold has a hallmark of 375 meaning it is 37.5% pure gold with the rest being alloys and 18ct white gold has a hallmark of 750 meaning it has 75% pure gold with the rest being alloys. Although 18ct white gold is more expensive than 9ct, it's also more yellow. To get a pure white colour, white gold rings are usually rhodium plated during the final stage of production.
  • What is Rhodium Plating?
    Rhodium is part of the platinum metal family, so it is a bright white colour. Rhodium plating is a type of electroplating where a thin layer of rhodium metal is deposited onto the surface of a piece of jewellery, giving a bright white finish and enhancing the appearance and durability of the piece. Over time this plating does wear off. I normally recommend having jewellery cleaned and checked once a year, at this point I would replate any white gold.
  • White gold vs Platinum (covid price hikes!)
    In recent years (since covid 2020), the price of white gold has skyrocketed due to several factors, including the rising cost of the raw materials used in the alloy. In the past white gold was a less expensive way to get a white metal ring in comparison to Platinum but while white gold prices went through the roof, Platinum prices remained steady and as such, platinum is now often a more cost-effective choice for customers wanting a white “metal” ring. The price normally works out less than 18ct white gold, and as platinum is a pure white natural metal it doesn't require the upkeep that white gold does.
  • What can I do with my old gold?
    Have it made into something new! At Tayha Designs, customers have the option of providing their old pieces of jewellery and having them handcrafted it into something completely new! We can remodel - for example an engagement ring you may want to update, or a family heirloom redesigned to suit your style. Old jewellery pieces are broken down by remelting the gold and extracting the stones ready to be made into a new piece (or pieces!) There’s plenty of options! After your initial enquiry, we will work together on your custom design, check if any new gold needs to be added or extra stones sourced and then Tayha Designs will create a beautiful new piece of jewellery for you.
  • What gemstones can be put into fine jewellery?
    Any diamonds and gemstones you choose. It is totally up to you! I have worked with coloured diamonds, sapphires, amethyst, citrine, emerald, topaz and more! but there are many more options available that I can source for you.
  • Can I use my own gemstones in a custom piece?
    Absolutely! You can ship your stones to Tayha Designs to be used in your bespoke designed jewellery.
  • How do I choose a diamond?
    There are many factors that go into choosing your diamond(s) and we are guided by the 4 C’s – colour, cut, carat and clarity. Take a look at our How to choose a diamond blog for more info!
  • Do you responsibly source gemstones?
    Yes! Once we have a design direction, I begin the gemstone sourcing process (if required), using parameters the customer set including budget, colour, shape and size. I work with a number of trusted suppliers around Australia and the world to ensure all stones are ethically sourced.
  • How often should I have my jewellery cleaned?
    I advise clients to send their most-used bands for cleaning and checking once a year, as even well-made jewellery needs maintenance and care to avoid damage from everyday wear and tear. A yearly check-up and clean can help to identify any issues, giving me an opportunity to look over the piece and make sure all the claws are ok, the stones haven't come loose, and how the band is wearing etc. You will be amazed when you get it back from a clean, it will look like new and shine so bright!
  • Do you offer jewellery repairs and services for pieces not made by Tayha Designs?
    Yes, definitely!
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Tayha Designs bespoke pieces are provided with a five year warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding wear and tear. Bespoke pieces are eligible for one complimentary resize. For more information regarding Warranty, please visit our Terms & Conditions.
  • Can Tayha Designs help me with jewellery insurance?
    We recommend you purchase insurance through a company that specialises in jewellery and highly recommend checking out Qreport. Click here to get started and if you need help with this, please let us know and we can help get you set up. Alternatively, your jewellery may be added to your home insurance upon discussion and request. Please realise that in the event of a claim, most general insurance companies will encourage you to have your jewellery replaced or fixed by a jeweller of their choice at their nominated value, however, they are unable to force you to do so if you tell them you have a preferred family jeweller.
  • Is shipping jewellery safe? How much does it cost?
    Shipping is much safer than most realise. All Tayha Design pieces are sent Express Post with tracking and will require a signature upon delivery. Postage costs for stock pieces and repairs is $15.
  • Can I collect my jewellery when ready?
    Yes! If you would prefer to collect your jewellery when ready, we can arrange collection from either Coorow or Osborne Park, Perth.

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