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Customise your dream jewellery

With over 20 years’ experience in crafting beautiful, high-quality jewellery, TD provides you with the opportunity to have a completely custom piece made to treasure and wear for a lifetime.

Explore a world of gemstones

As a jewellery maker, one of my greatest joys is searching for the perfect gemstone or diamond to bring your vision to life and make your new piece completely unique.


Transform old gems into new treasures

At Tayha Designs, customers can choose to provide their old pieces of jewellery and have them handcrafted into something completely new! Whether it's an engagement ring that you want to update, or a family heirloom redesigned to suit your style, we can remodel just about anything.

Getting the most out of your jewellery

At Tayha Design, we believe that even the best-made jewellery deserves proper maintenance and care to avoid damage from daily wear and tear. That's why every TD made piece comes with a complimentary yearly clean, polish, and check.


Your travelling jeweller and designer

A chance for us to connect in person and discuss all things jewellery! There are a variety of ways we can arrange a local TD on the road visit, such as: consultation days, ladies days and group gatherings.

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