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Designing Your Dream Jewellery: A guide to Finding Your personal Style

Designing a new piece of jewellery for yourself is an exciting process, but sometimes it can be difficult to settle on a design direction. The key to narrowing down a design direction lies in understanding your unique preferences and personal style. Together, we will embark on a creative journey to discover the perfect design for YOU!

Jeweller sketching custom jewellery designs

Let's say you are starting fresh, without any old gemstones or diamonds. Here are a few questions that will help us define your design style:

  1. What is the purpose of the jewellery piece? Is it meant for everyday wear, a special occasion, or a versatile option that suits both?

  2. What is your personal style? Are you drawn to a beachy, sporty vibe, or do you lean towards a more classic, simple, or minimalistic aesthetic? Perhaps you prefer something decorative, artsy, contemporary, or even dark and moody?

  3. How do you treat your jewellery? Are you someone who treasures delicate care, or do you prefer the ease of leaving your jewellery on without worry?

  4. Are you open to incorporating colour and gemstones into your design? If so, consider the colours that resonate with you, complement your skin tone, or simply reflect your current mood.

  5. To further unlock your personal style, I encourage you to gather inspiration. Spend time googling, pinning images, flipping through magazines, and collecting pictures that catch your attention. Look beyond just jewellery and explore photos, architecture, fashion, people, and objects that evoke a visual appeal.

These glimpses into your preferences will serve as an incredible launching pad for me to start designing for you.

Whether we have just met or have known each other for some time, it's my mission to understand your unique perspective and what styles you delight in. I really believe everyone sees the world differently, and my goal is to tap into your vision and create something that you will find aesthetically pleasing and love!


Ready to begin the journey?


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