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Discover Peridot - The August birthstone of beauty, joy, and positivity!

Embrace the vibrant hues of August with a gemstone that radiates beauty, joy, and positivity – it’s Peridot! As the birthstone for this month, Peridot dazzles with its luscious green splendour, capturing the spirit of nature's flourishing beauty.

This gemstone has a rich history that dates back to ancient times, with legends suggesting that Cleopatra herself treasured Peridot for its power to bestow eternal youth upon the wearer. While we can't promise eternal youth, one thing's for sure - wearing Peridot does add a touch of vivacity and natural charm!

Peridot gemstones and August birthstones on white background
Image source: Shutterstock

Unlike most gemstones, Peridot is not born deep within the Earth's crust but rather in the molten lava of volcanic eruptions. The Hawaiian Islands are often associated with this enchanting gem, with Peridot forming in the volcanic rocks of Hawaii. It has even been found in the beach sands, shimmering like tiny green stars under the tropical sun.

Before it became famous under its own name, Peridot was known as Olivine. The stone's unique green colour comes from the presence of iron and magnesium, which can vary from a pure green to a brownish-green or olive colour and even close to yellow. This green colour reflects the lushness of nature, making it the perfect talisman for those who seek balance and renewal.

Peridot gemstone on metal tray with jewellers tweezers
Image source: Shutterstock

Peridot has got you covered whether you're a fan of bright, bold colours or prefer more subtle, understated jewellery. This gemstone is believed to bring happiness, prosperity, and harmony to its wearer, making it perfect for anyone looking to add some good vibes and positive energy to their collection. From dainty earrings that dance with the light to elegant necklaces that embrace your neckline, Peridot's versatility makes it a go-to gem for any occasion.

So why not make Peridot your personal fashion statement?

Whether you're an August baby seeking a birthstone that's as lively as you or simply a lover of green beauty, Peridot adds a delightful pop to any jewellery collection.


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