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From Pencil to Perfection: My Passion for Jewellery Sketching

Welcome to the very creative side of Tayha Designs, where every piece of jewellery starts with a simple pencil and a sheet of paper. As a Jewellery Designer, sketching plays a crucial role in my work. I sketch a lot and find that sketching is not just a preliminary step in the creation of jewellery; it's a fundamental part of the process that allows me to show customers a glimpse into their design and helps me to figure out the intricate details of each piece before making beautiful objects in gold.

Gold ring designed, sketched and made by Tayha Designs

When customers come to me with their ideas and a vision of their dream piece, it's my job to turn that vision into reality. By sketching, I can provide them with a window into the creative process, showing them how their ideas transform from abstract concepts into tangible designs.

Most of the time, I draw flat lays, capturing the top, side and front views of the piece. This technique allows me to present a clear visual representation, allowing each angle and detail to be expressed. And while CAD images have gained popularity for their time and ease, hand-drawn sketches still hold a special place in my heart. They challenge me, push me to explore different aspects of my trade and, most importantly, they bring me pure joy. Moreover, these hand-drawn sketches reflect a human touch that no technology can replicate; they carry the essence of personal care and craftsmanship.

Yes, I admit it, I'm a super jewellery nerd and I sketch for fun, but each sketch reminds me why I fell in love with jewellery design in the first place: the joy of creating something unique and personal, a piece that can be cherished for generations.

So, while the world may move towards more digital solutions, I will continue to cherish my pencil and paper, where every line drawn is a line towards perfection.



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