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Stunning Sapphires

A long-time symbol of beauty and elegance, sapphires have been coveted by royalty and the elite for centuries. As the September birthstone, sapphires are a popular choice for those born in this month, but they're also a timeless and stunning pick for any jewellery collection.

Models hand holding Tayha Designs Saige sapphire engagement ring

Our Tayha Designs Rose Gold Collection is now a little sweeter with the addition of 'Saige' - an 18ct gold ring featuring a stunning soft pastel pink/mauve sapphire and two pear-shaped white diamonds. This striking piece is beautiful when worn on its own as a standalone ring or as a dress ring. For those seeking a truly unique engagement ring, Saige is definitely a top contender too!

Don't miss out on the chance to add this beauty to your collection! Shop Saige online.

Another sapphire we have had the opportunity to work with was this stunning teal sapphire incorporated into a coastal-inspired engagement ring. This custom ring represents the couples lives in Esperance and the stunning beaches that surround them.

Once the sapphire was sourced and chosen, we worked on the finer design points and came up with a beautiful classic piece that will last a lifetime and really showcase the gemstone. I then handmade the platinum ring and sent it down to my customer so he could surprise his new fiancé with the final product! She loved it!



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