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Welcome to Tayha Designs 2023

Exciting news! I am thrilled to share with you a new and refreshed look for Tayha Designs!!

Why a refresh?

Since I launched Tayha Designs 13 years ago, the world has changed, the business has changed and I have changed. When I originally started business and my branding, I was opening a gallery in Mt Lawley and your online presence was simply a website so people could find your brick-and-mortar store. Your branding was designed to be printed on signs or magazines.

In 2020 and the years following, things shifted a lot. These years showed us that digital is everything and we can collaborate effectively even without a physical store. To adjust to this new method of doing business, I want to modernise Tayha Designs.

In addition to this, my life changed six years ago when I had kids, and Tayha Designs took a backseat. But now I am ready and want to give my business and my brand a fresh start. I wat it to represent Tayha Design 2023 - going forward, not sitting still. The countryside is now where the magic happens and Tayha Designs is 100% my work. This rebrand represents me and my work as a jeweller.

The fresh new look and feel will be rolling out across all TD platforms over the coming weeks and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Speak soon,




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